If you're an OG, long time THB reader, you know I love a red dress. Last year, right before my birthday, I posted about my favourite red dresses of the moment... And talked about a Hungarian tradition that wants a red dress to be a lucky dress. Hence why I wanted to wear one for my birthday. And I ended up wearing this red vintage gown for a desert shoot in Death Valley, on the day of my Birthday!

But red dresses aren't only good for specific events and celebrations! If you follow me on Instagram, you know I often talk about celebrating the tiny little things. Like Mondays, Fridays, a good hair day, sunny weather... Any small little thing that makes you smile should be celebrated, in my opinion. I feel like it makes like way more enjoyable than always waiting for the next big tickets happen.

And I feel like the same thing goes for fashion, too. You shouldn't dress in a way that makes you feel beautiful and confident just when there's a special event. Any random Tuesday is also the perfect time to wear a dress that makes you feel cute AF, or the leather pants that make you feel like a boss ass bitch!

And that' exactly what I did when I wore this red mini dress for a random day-walk in Venice, with no makeup and flat sandals. Obviously these pictures are not from that day, they're from a shoot I did in Marina Del Rey. But that's the reality behind fashion blogging... Sometimes, IRL events don't translate very well in pictures - although that's another story for another time...

What I love about this dress so much is that it can be super casual, the way I wore it, but it can also be SO dressed up for a night out. I feel like it's a super versatile piece, but one that makes such a statement! When you wear a red mini dress, you don't really need much else to shine, right? I feel like it's a sexy, empowering thing to wear, although this one isn't too much on the sexy side. I feel like it's much cuter than sexy.

This is the exact one I'm wearing (I'm wearing XXS), but since style isn't a one-size-fits-all, I decided to also link 12 (yes TWELVE!) similar options for you guys:

Aren't these so f*cking amazing?! I'm personally obsessed with options 4, 5, 9 & 10. I feel like all these red mini dresses have something specific that makes them so beautiful, no matter what your style is.

What about you guys? Which one is your favourite? Would you wear a red mini dress? And what do you think is the perfect occasion to wear one?

Let me know!

Love, Jenny xx