The Hungarian Brunette Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench hyaluronic acid cloud cream

If you’ve been a reader of The Hungarian Brunette for a while, then it should be no surprise to you that today’s post is about a Peter Thomas Roth product. I’ve talked about their products many times before… (See my full review of their peel pads, mask frenzy, Green Releaf face oil and Hungarian thermal water face mask)

In fact, I’ve talked about their products so many times that some of my friends in the blogging industry have told me I should stop giving them free publicity and ask them to sponsor me, lol. But what can I say, when I love something, I want to share it with you guys, and in the same state of mind, I would never share something I don’t really believe in - Just wanted to put that out there.

So once again, I’m back today with a full review of one of their older products that I just got to try recently (it was sent to me by the brand), the Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream Hydrating Moisturizer. And no kidding guys, this had been in my Sephora loves list for MONTHS. I just never got around to buying it, so I was super happy and excited when the brand asked to send it to me so I could try it out. Just to make things 100% transparent, this blog post wasn’t requested by the brand, they have no idea I’m even doing this… So here we go. First, I feel like we should look at the claims this product makes one by one:

Skin appears less dry: I don’t really have dry skin (I actually have oily skin), so I wouldn’t say that my skin looks dry to begin with, unless I’ve been in the desert or travelling. For that reason, I don’t feel like I’m the best candidate to answer that claim. But… (see nest claim).

Skin feels more hydrated: This is definitely true. I usually put on my heavier moisturizer at night, since I use my vitamin C products in the morning. After putting on this moisturizer, I went to bed, and my skin definitely felt super hydrated and plump, at bedtime AND the next morning.

Skin feels more silky: Yes, yes and YES!!! This is the claim that I observed the most, and I was actually shook by how soft my skin was when I applied this after a peel. Usually, right after a peel, my skin feels a little sensitive and rough and I see results a little while later. But when I applied this moisturizer right after a peel, it soothed my skin instantly, and it felt SO SOFT. I don’t honestly think my skin had ever felt that soft before. It also felt super silky, like there was a protective film on it, but it didn’t feel oily at all. Just literally like the softest, smoothest silk.

Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles: I’m always a little (read: very) skeptical when I read that a moisturizer will helps reduce fine lines, because I’m a big believer that no cream will do what botox can do. I didn’t really notice a decrease in the tiny signs of aging my face shows, after a few applications of this moisturizer, but maybe it requires using it for a little longer than I did? I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt.

Skin appears more supple, full and smooth: I feel like this effect happens to me every time I try a new moisturizer I’m obsessed with, and it definitely happened this time around, with the Hyaluronic Cloud Cream. This effect obviously comes from skin that’s well hydrated, so I feel like it’s safe to say that this moisturizer really does a great job at keeping the skin moisturized… Which is what it claims to do.

In conclusion, I would say that the Hyaluronic Cloud Cream Hydrating Moisturizer does what it says it does, if you’re looking for a moisturizer that will make your skin look hydrated, dewy and silky smooth. A few honourable mentions: The effect of it lasted a LONG time after the application. The jar says “up to 72 hours”, but I don’t go that long between applying moisturizer, I usually do so every morning and night…. BUT, I definitely saw a difference in terms of longevity of the effect, compared to other great moisturizers.

I also loved that it was super lightweight, and since it’s so moisturizing, I was expecting something a lot more heavy. This one feels like a gel more than a creme, and it absorbed into my skin quickly, making it feel very hydrated, but not oily at all.

As my festival/camping trip to the desert gets closer, I’m starting to pack, and I’ve decided this is the moisturizer I’m going to bring, because I know it will do an amazing job at keeping my face fresh and hydrated, even in the desert dry heat.

Have you guys tried this moisturizer or any other product from PTR? I’m dying what you guys thought!! Please share your story in the comment section below, or come chat with me on Instagram!

Love you guys,

Jenny xx