I don't really remember the first time I saw a 2-piece set, but I vividly remember LOVING it! I've talked about it many times before - and I'll keep talking about it until probably forever... There's just something magical about a good 2-piece set. Not only is is super satisfying for my OCD-self to have such a perfectly matched outfit, it also appeals to my lazy side, who likes to know that I can just throw on a skirt and a top and they will make me look instantly pulled together... Even though I got dressed in 2 seconds while brushing my teeth and trying to find my phone.

I found this one at REVOLVE for less than 100$, I'm in love with it! When you keep in mind that a 2-piece set is basically 3 different outfits, it's the perfect buy for the babe on a budget. If you want to wear the total look, you can wear both pieces together, instead of a basic dress. But you can also wear both pieces as separates and give them a totally different vibe. I know I'm dying to wear this crop top with a white maxi skirt at a music festival this September.

When I wore this one a few weeks ago for a shoot in Santa Monica, it was FREEZING COLD, and looked slightly inappropriate for the weather. What can I say, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to summon the summer heat. Now that it's blistering hot here in LA, I can't wait to wear this to happy hour with girlfriends, a date with my man, or even a bougie AF dressed-up Sunday brunch.

I'm also actively looking for more 2-piece sets, because I'm OBSESSED. Revolve has a TON of them, and I guilt myself out of it by reasoning with myself that 3 outfits for less than 100$ is a pretty damn good bargain. Keep scrolling for my top 5 picks below.

Who else here is a huge fan of a good 2-piece set? If you are, get in touch with me and we can start a group, casually wearing them everywhere. At least until everyone else does... You know what they say, not all superheroes wear capes, ha!

Seriously though, I wanna see your favourites too! Tag me (@thehungarianbrunette) on your 2-piece pics on Instagram and use the hashtag #thbrecreated so I can re-share your style. Also, please let me know which set is your favourite from my picks below, so I can finally pick one!! So far, I'm heading towards the lime green one, just in case I ever fell the need to wear something so ridiculously over the top. You know, CASUAL AF.

Lastly, if you feel the need to grasp the full extent of my love for crop tops, check out this post. And this one. You'll thank me later, before you know it, your closet will be full of crop tops... And hopefully, 2-piece sets too!

Hope you guys are having a great week so far!

Love, Jenny xx


*Pictures by Irving Visuals