Pixi Beauty spring skincare collection review

A few weeks ago, my friend Kristin invited me to the Pixi event for the launch of their new Spring collection. The event was super cool, but I was most excited for the products I got to discover.

You guys know me, when it comes to beauty, I love to try everything. So I felt beyond blessed when I got to leave with an amazing goodie bag of new products to try out.

Today, I wanted to give you guys a full review of the 4 skincare products I got, and soon I also want to do a review of their makeup products, because these are all products I got to try for the first time ever (I had never tried the brand before) and I’m super excited to share them with you.

Pixi is also a drugstore beauty brand, so that’s definitely something that’s out of the ordinary for me… And I’m also super excited about bringing more affordable products to the blog, for you babes on a beauty budget.

As always, when a product is gifted to me, I feel the need to say this: All of the opinions in this post are my own, and 100% REAL. If I like something, you will know. If I don’t like something, you will know… And you will know why. I feel like my responsibility as a blogger that does a lot of beauty reviews is to provide opinions and experiences that are totally real, and without any BS.

With that being said, let’s jump right in with the products:

Vitamin-C Tonic

I don’t know if it’s just me, but one of the few products I had heard of from Pixi before this was the Glow Tonic. This is basically a variation that contains Vitamin C.

If you guys are OG readers, you probably know I’m obsessed with vitamin C in skincare. It’s THE key ingredient for glow, and I love myself a good glow.

In the morning (that’s when you should use vitamin C), I like to use a vitamin C cleanser, serum, eye cream and moisturizer, but I didn’t have a vitamin C toner before trying this one out. And I have to say, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to not using this. It provides just the tiniest bit of exfoliation my skin needs after cleansing, to make sure that the rest of my morning skincare routine really goes the extra mile.

This one also smells like fresh citrus, but not in an overwhelming way, and that’s really a plus for me. I know some people prefer fragrance-free products, but I’m all about a pleasant/relaxing experience when I do my skincare routine, so this is right up my alley.

At $15, this is an affordable find that I’m really happy about, and I love that it really works, without breaking the bank.

The Hungarian Brunette Pixi skintreats vitamin-c tonic

PHenomenal Gel

I had to do some research on this, because I wasn’t sure what pH had to do with my skin… At least not on my face, LOL. If you’re a woman, you’ve probably been told by your OBGYN that the pH of your downstairs gym matters… But turns out, it also matters for your face. I don’t want to go full science fair on you guys, but basically, the skin on our face is slightly acidic - and that’s how it’s supposed to be. That’s why most active ingredients in skincare are acids (hyaluronic acid, ferulic acid, etc.). The only problem is that a lot of cleansers strip our skin from its acidity, so this moisturizer is meant to rebalance the skin’s pH.

I’ve been using it at night here and there, as the last step to my nighttime skincare routine, and it’s a good moisturizer, but I can’t say that I have observed fantastic results. For $24, this isn’t a bad moisturizer at all, I actually felt like it did a good job, but it just wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.

Maybe my expectations were too high, because this is the last product I tested, and let’s just say the last 2 raised the bar very, very high.

Hydrating Milky Peel

This is BY FAR my favourite product of this collection… It might actually have become one of my favourite skincare products, period. One of the product specialists at the event gave me a demo of this (before I even knew it was in my goodie bag) and I was floored. Basically, what this does is take away all the dead skin to reveal fresh, new skin.

It’s also the easiest thing to use: You simply apply a thin coat all over your face, let it sit for 2-3 minutes, and then rub it off. The process looks really gross, because you can see all the disgusting chunks of dead skin getting rolled up into tiny balls (ew!!), but it’s totally worth it. Because once you’re done rinsing it off and applying a thin layer of moisturizer, you’ll have the softest skin you’ve ever had in your entire life, not kidding!!!

I cannot stress enough how soft my skin was after using this. I actually ket rubbing my face the whole day, because I could not believe how much it felt like silk. This product is also $24, and the minute my tube is empty (which shouldn’t take that long), I’m buying another one. I now use it 3 times a week, and let’s just say those days are my favourite days of the week, ha!

I was so obsessed that I even convinced Sasha to let me try it on his face, just because I wanted to see how amazed he would be (he’s pretty skincare averse). But now I’m afraid to try it, because I know he’ll be just as obsessed as I am and will probably steal it from me… Seriously, I can’t imagine how someone would try this and not be completely amazed by the results. Do yourself a favour, and please try this. You’re welcome!

The Hungarian Brunette Pixi skintreats milky peel

In-Shower Steam Facial

This is also one of the products I was the most excited by at the event, for 2 reasons. First, I was told it gets warm on your face, and I’m obsessed with that type of product. Once again, if you’re an OG, you know I can’t shut up about my favourite heating mask of all times. Second, it contains collagen, which I can never get enough of.

Practically, this product is an in-shower mask, that heats up on your face, and feels like a total spa experience, in the comfort of your own shower… And for much cheaper. It feels really relaxing to feel the mask heat up on your face as you shower, or just lie there in a hot bath. I like to apply it as soon as I’m done washing my hair (it’s the first thing I do in the shower) and leave it on for the whole duration of my shower. Then I rinse it off right before heading out and I finish off with my usual cleanser.

Overall, it really makes my skin feel cared for, but also hydrated and plump - so I guess the collagen must be working, ha! It also has a very subtle scent that I can’t really place, but that feels very spa-esque, if that makes sense.

Lastly, one detail that doesn’t really change anything but is kinda cool: It’s a really thick, completely transparent gel, which is something I had never seen before. Once again, I’m very into the actual experience when it comes to my skincare routine, so this is a cool factor I’m definitely not immune to.

This is another product that I will make sure to repurchase once I finish my tube, and I highly recommend it if you like to pamper yourself.

As you guys can see, I liked all of these products (actually LOVED them), the only one that wasn’t as much of a hit being the moisturizer… I linked the four products I reviewed right below in case you guys wanted to check them out, and I also included 2 of the oils I was the most obsessed with at the event, even though I did’t get to try them out on a long-term basis. These oils are incredibly hydrating, and they’re infused with magical looking substances like rose quartz, pink salt, pearl, rose, etc… They feel extremely luxurious and well, you guys know how obsessed I am with oils. These will most likely been in my cart the next time I go to Target!

Have you guys tried any of the Pixi Skintreats products? If so, which one(s) and how was your experience? I would love to know what you guys think, so please share your stories in the comments section below!

Love you guys,

Jenny xx