If you follow my Insta-stories, you’ve seen me go kinda crazy a few weeks ago when I realized that Peter Thomas Roth is Hungarian.

It’s SO rare to hear about Hungary for anything non porn-related (HA!), that I felt like my home country was having a moment.

So I looked into it, and I realized they have a Hungarian thermal water face mask and moisturizer.

Thermal water baths are a HUGE part of Hungarian culture. Budapest is actually called “The City of Baths”. It’s not uncommon to go to a thermal bath in Budapest and see people playing chess or reading for hours. IN THE WATER. There’s even cool bath parties, that are like raves in giant hot, healing pools.

For centuries, people have been going to these baths that are known to have incredible properties. I’m talking real good shit like fighting inflammation, improving blood circulation, relaxing sore muscles and joints… The list goes on.

But the minerals in the Hungarian thermal water (also known as "healing water") also do wonders for the skin. They have a lot of benefits like anti-aging, detoxifying and helping with conditions like acne and psoriasis, for example. Isn’t that just AMAZING?!

As a child and teenager, I’ve been a few times to these baths (the Gellért baths are just breathtakingly beautiful). The one thing I didn’t like about them was the strong smell. If you’ve ever been to a natural hot water source, you know what I’m talking about. It’s not rotten eggs, but it can get pretty damn close. That’s of course the smell of the minerals in the water, which is actually what makes it good for you.

Back to the mask, I was really pumped when I received it and noticed it didn’t have that strong smell. It smells natural and a bit earthy (in a good, pleasant way), which makes me believe it’s legit. Hungarian thermal water doesn't smell like flowers. So if it smelled sweet and girly, I would have been a bit skeptical.

Also, the texture feels a bit grainy, which I love. It reminds me a bit of a clay mask and it super gently exfoliates the skin when you rinse it off.

Since you only need to keep it on for up to 3 minutes (but I usually do 5), I like to use this one in the shower. I’ll wash my face first to make sure my skin is clean. That's super important: starting with a clean slate. Then, I pat my face dry, apply it and go on with my normal shower activities, before rinsing it off. Super efficient!

Another cool thing about this mask is that it’s a heating mask, which I LOVE! I feel like it opens up my pores so much better, to really let the mask do it’s work DEEP. It kind of tingles when you apply it, then when you massage it onto your skin with a tiny bit of cold water, it starts heating up in the most soothing relaxing way ever.

This mask is clearly marketed for fine lines, wrinkles and a younger looking skin, but since using it, I’ve also noticed a CLEAR difference in the evenness of my skin and it REALLY helps with breakouts. Hence, the Hungarian thermal water effects.

Basically, the texture, smell and heat of this mask make me feel all the benefits of the Hungarianthermal water baths, without having to leave my house. It’s also obviously really on-brand for me to use it - HA!

I really recommend it and I think I’m going to get myself the moisturizer too, because I really love a good teamwork situation.

In the meantime, let me know if you tried the mask or the moisturizer, I’m dying to know what you guys thought!

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Love, Jenny xx