The Hungarian Brunette - Ready for for a summer glow: Olehenriksen banana bright primer

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with OleHenriksen’s skincare. More specifically, their “Truth” Vitamin C line. I recently did a full review of my favourite products from that collection and shortly after, I got to try their new primer, the Banana Bright Face Primer. And when I say “I got to try”, I mean I ordered it on Sephora’s website during their VIB sale and paid for it myself like a big girl. Needless to say, this post isn’t sponsored, it’s just a collection I have incredible love for, so if it seems like I’m being paid to be so fangirly, I’m not.

The primer is obviously inspired from the Banana Bright Eye Crème, which I’ve been using for maybe over a year now (?) and LOVE. So when I saw that they were coming out with a primer with the same name, I was excited. I hoped it would do for my face what the primer does for my under-eye, AKA brighten it, make it glow, and make it look fresh and rested. But since my skin is on the oilier side, I tend to usually gravitate more towards mattifying primers that are conceived to make your makeup last, which was my main concern with this primer.

But since Summer is right around the corner and I love a lighter, more natural look when it’s warm, I figured the timing was great and I should try it.

At first sight, the colour, smell and consistency were pretty similar to the Banana Bright Eye Crème, except maybe for the fact that it was a little less thick.

The first time I used it, I actually did not like it. My foundation seemed patchy, like I had been wearing it to workout or something. My face basically looked like I had been wearing my makeup for 3 days straight… After 10 minutes.

I was pretty bummed, because I really wanted to love it. I decided to give it another chance, and I’m glad I did because the second time around was day and night.

My foundation went on super smoothly and lasted the whole day, without any slipping or patchiness. Arguably, my face looked better at the end of the day than when I wear a mattifying primer, which was a huge surprise.

Since this primer has quite a few claims online, I thought I would go through them one by one and give you guys my thoughts on each of them, based on my personal experience… So here we go:

The Hungarian Brunette OleHenriksen Banana Bright primer review

INSTANTLY BRIGHTENS: This is totally accurate. As soon as I put it on, my skin looks glowy and healthy, even after I apply my foundation. I’ve seen a lot of people complain in the Sephora reviews about the fact that the glow is due to some pigments in the primer, and my question is: OK… So what? If this was a serum or a face wash, I would agree, but this is a primer.

I’m not a makeup manufacturer, but I’m gonna take a wild guess here and assume that pretty much all the glow giving primers’ glowy effect is due to some pigments in the cream.

IMPROVES AND EXTENDS MAKEUP WEAR: Once again, true! As I mentioned above, the first time I used it, my foundation was patchy, but I think it’s because I mixed it with a glowy moisturizer… I got a little cocky, LOL. This primer might not work with every foundation or skin type, but if it works for my oily skin, I’m gonna guess it should work for a lot of people.

I’ve worn this primer a handful of times since then, and my makeup looked glowy and dewy throughout the whole day, so to me, that claim is also accurate.

BLURS IMPERFECTIONS: I don’t have a lot of discolouration or redness on my face, but I did notice that my skin-tone looks more even and perfected when I use this primer. One of my main skin concerns is large pores (thanks mom!!) and I wouldn’t say this makes them disappear (and it’s not marketed as a pore-filling primer either) but it definitely makes them look a little softer. I also find that my forehead line is less apparent when I wear this primer, and that has to be my favourite thing about it!!

I don’t know if this is due to the pigment in the formula, but I find that wearing it just by itself already makes my skin look so much better, almost like a tinted moisturizer… But without any tint to it. My skin still looks 100% exactly like skin, but just better. While this primer works really well under a full face of foundation, it would also be the perfect product if you’re trying to achieve a no-makeup makeup look.

HYDRATES: I don’t know how much this actually moisturizes the skin in the long run, but I would definitely classify it as a hydrating primer. It makes my skin feel hydrated and plump when I wear it, and that’s really all I want in the Summer.

Have you guys tried this primer yet? If you did, please let me know how your experience was in the comment section below, or let me know which primer is your holy grail! I love getting recs from you guys, and you always give me the best product recommendations on Instagram! If you’re not already part of our insta-fam, come say hi @thehungarianbrunette!

Love you guys!

Jenny xx

The Hungarian Brunette Summer glow olehenriksen banana bright face primer review
The Hungarian Brunette - OleHenriksen banana bright primer review