MY 3 FAVE MAKEUP ITEMS FROM PIXI (Spring ‘19 Collection - Full Reviews + Swatches)

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Last week for Beauty Wednesday, I reviewed 4 of the Spring 2019 Pixi Skintreats skincare items (which you can read right here). And I got some great feedback on that, but I know a lot of you guys enjoy makeup reviews… So today, I wanted to bring you my full review of the 3 makeup items I got to try from the new collection as well.

Contrarily to the skincare items, that were gifted to me without me knowing what I was going to get, I got to pick the makeup items after playing with them. So obviously, I picked my favourite ones. The choice was hard, because there were a lot of things I actually liked, but here’s what I picked:


Hello Beautiful! English Rose Face Palette, $24

To be totally honest, I chose this palette because of the 3 bigger pans on the bottom. At the event, I was mesmerized by the bottom right shade (Rosy), which is a red-ish dark pink with just the right amount of glow, and I wanted to use it as a blush.

And in case you haven’t noticed yet, I’m not a fan of blush. I used to never wear it, and I only started dabbling lightly in it lately… But I’m never the girl who will go out with flushed pink cheeks. It’s just not my vibe.

But this blush? I’ve been wearing it almost every day for 2 months. I don’t even know if it’s meant to be a blush, and I don’t care. That’s how I want to wear it, and that’s how I’ll keep wearing it, because it looks amazing.

It’s super sheer and very blendable, so you for sure won’t end up with that Krusty The Clown look. I also love that it’s much darker than most blushes, so it won’t end up looking bubblegum pink on your cheeks… To me, this is the perfect shade of blush, and I feel like it would also be universally flattering, no matter your skin-tone.

After playing with this palette a bit, I discovered that the blush isn’t the only thing I like in it. I was a little skeptical about the eyeshadows at first, because they’re very… Muted. I don’t want to say they’ re not pigmented, because they are, but they’re definitely meant to be buildable.

As you can see, these shades don’t lack pigments, but they’re not really making a statement either. I guess they’re perfect to create a “no makeup-makeup” look, which happens to be how I would describe the classic makeup look of the English woman, if I had to. So I guess this actually makes a lot of sense…

Some shades are sparkly and metallic, some have a satin finish, and 4 of them are matte, including the 2 darkest ones. The matte shades have to be my least favourite ones, especially the 2 darkest ones… For some reason, they kind of missed the mark for me.

From left to right: Ethereal, Charming, Sweet, Daring, Shine, Passion.

From left to right: Ethereal, Charming, Sweet, Daring, Shine, Passion.

From left to right: Petal, Stunning, Lilac, Tender, Plum, Charcoal.

From left to right: Petal, Stunning, Lilac, Tender, Plum, Charcoal.

From left to right: Blossom, Gilded, Rosy.

From left to right: Blossom, Gilded, Rosy.

But the metallic and satin shades are really stunning and beautiful. I love the mauve, bronzy colour story, and I love that they make it very easy to create a subdued, feminine look that’s super subtle and doesn’t make it look like you tried too hard.

If you’re all about a natural looking makeup with a bit of extra oomph, then this palette is perfect for you!

My favourite shades are the 6 shades in the first pictures, and the first and fifth shades from the second picture (Petal and Plum).

I personally find that I get a much better result when I apply these shadows with my fingers, as opposed to a brush… Which only validates my feelings that this is an effortless palette for the woman who’s not looking to spend 45 minutes getting ready.

The Hungarian Brunette Pixi Lip Icing in Candy

So while this wouldn’t be the palette I would use to get ready for a night out, it’s the perfect palette for a chic, effortless day-to-day look.

I also really love the fact that you can use almost any shade for anything. I use the bottom right shade (Rosy) as a blush, but I’m sure it would look amazing as an eyeshadow. I’m sure a lot of the eyeshadow shades would also look great as a highlighter, and vice versa.

To put it simply, this is a really versatile palette (with a super cohesive colour story) as long as you want to keep it fresh and natural.

Lip Icing (in Candy), $14

We’re shifting gears a little with this gloss, because it’s nothing subtle or casual. While the English Rose palette really reminds me of a fresh-faced, demure English beauty, this gloss is the epitome of the 70’s Dancing Queen… Version 2019.

It’s the perfect gloss if you’re looking to make a MAJOR impact, and I would not hesitate to wear it for a night out at the club. It also packs enough bling to be work at a music festival.

The first time I swatched it on my hand, I imagined myself wearing it with one of those metallic silver mesh bra tops. (THIS is what I mean, in case my description wasn’t clear enough).

This gloss is a tiiiiiiny bit stickier than what I usually wear, but not to the point where it’s annoying. And I should know because I’m really hard on glosses. If it’s a tiny bit sticky, I won’t wear it. And honestly, it’s worth it for the major impact it gives.

Since it’s very sparkly, it can look a little frosty when worn alone of the lips, so I like wearing it layered over a creamy pink lipstick, which also helps a lot with the texture. The glitter is also very fine, so there’s no chunks of glitter, it’s more like your lips are frosted with glittery ice, which is a very unique effect. I don’t have any other glosses like this.

It’s also long lasting on the lips, and I love that it doesn’t leave that nasty white crust on the inside of the lips like some other lip glosses do when they fade. I would totally recommend this gloss if you’re looking for a bit of shock value, and I’m really glad I picked it.


Glitter-y Eye Quad (in GoldLava), $14

I’m very excited about this, and I definitely feel like I kept the best for last in this case. I brought this little wonder to Desert Hearts and wore it every day on my eyes, and once on my cheeks too.

This is PURE glitter, and the first time I swatched it, I was SHOCKED. I was expecting it to be a cream shadow with some sparse glitter here and there, but it’s in fact a fresh load of pure thick glitter.

The best part is, it doesn’t crease, flake or dry up, and you won’t end up with your cheeks covered in glitter after an hour.

For $14, this performs way better than a lot of much more expensive glitter shadows I’ve tried, and I’m pretty sure there’s nothing out there that beats it. There might be products that are just as good (although much more expensive), but I really don’t see how it could get better.

I’m thinking about one palette in particular that I have in my collection, from a much more expensive brand, and the few glitter shadows in the pan all get stuck in my crease mere minutes after I apply it, which makes it look nasty and sloppy. The consistency of the other product is also a lot more waxy.

This Pixi one isn’t waxy, or oily, or even creamy… It’s actually the weirdest, coolest texture. It’s like super heavy in glitter, but without being all gritty. It’s the BEST. It’s also available in 4 shades of pink and 4 shades of blue, so there’s really something for everyone. I highly recommend this one, if you had to try only one product from Pixi. This is definitely my favourite.

I mean… Just look at these swatches and tell me this isn’t the most amazing glitter eyeshadow you’ve ever seen. And just to make sure we’re on the same page, these are not 12 layers. I just swirled my finer in the pan, and rubbed it right off on my skin, in one single swoop. Didn’t go over it, didn’t use a primer, didn’t use anything else other than this glitter. Ah-may-zinggg. I know.


Do you guys use (or have you tried) any Pixi makeup products? Would you like me to review more of them? Please let me know in the comment section below, I love knowing what you guys want to see more of.

Love you guys,

Jenny xx