Guys, so today is Valentine’s Day AND Beauty Wednesday! Don’t you just love a good double situation? That sounds slightly gross, but you get it. And today I decided I was gonna give you the lowdown on the PERFECT beauty product for V-Day: An eyeliner. So you can get that bombshell-vixen-sultry-sexy-babe smokey eye tonight when you’re out with your man. You’re welcome. Let’s get down to it, shall we?

I realized recently that over the years, without really thinking about it, I slowly switched all the drugstore beauty products I used for more high-end, pricier versions. Now, I’m not saying this because I want to be snobbish or fancy. I understand that a lot of women don’t even a choice because that’s all they can afford, and trust me, I’ve been there! As I write this, I’m nowhere even near rich and by no stretch of imagination am I just throwing money out the window, making it rain like I imagine rappers do at strip clubs.

That being said, my approach to beauty kind of evolved since I started wearing makeup in my teenage years. It’s now closer to my ideal when it comes to friendship and shoes: Quality over quantity. When I discovered makeup, I wanted all of it. All the colours, the tools, the products, the brands, all of it. And while I still sometimes (read: at least once a day) get embarrassingly excited over the release of a new product at Sephora, I’ve learned to know what I like and what works for me. Which also means my #1 goal is no longer to collect 476 eyeshadow palettes in all the colours of the rainbow, because I realized that, shit, I only use neutrals and a lot of black anyways. And red lipstick doesn’t suit me, in fact, I rarely even wear lipstick at all!

So that means I have 2-3 eyeshadow palettes I LOVE, one foundation, one mascara that works well for me, and a few of everything in between. I no longer need to fill my giant Caboodle with cheap crap I won’t use, which means that I can put more money into the few products I need. One of the only few exceptions to that rule is, you guessed it, my eyeliner. After years of being known as the girl with the super dark smokey eye everywhere I went, you can trust that I’ve tried A LOT of different eyeliners - and went through all of them.


Yet, the only one I use now costs less than 5$ at Target. When it’s on sale, you can litteraly get it for almost nothing. But it’s still the BEST DAMN eyeliner I’ve ever used. Here’s why:

It lasts forever

For me, this is definitely the most important point. My biggest pet peeve is eyeliner that smudges, leaks, or creases in the inner eye corner. That last one makes me shiver just typing it on my keyboard. This eyeliner does neither, and the advertised 10hr wear is actually really close to reality. It’s waterproof, so even if you cry, you won’t have it all the way to your chin, and unless you go swimming or for an extreme workout, it still looks good after a long day. I personally like to refresh it if I wear it the whole day and then go out at night, but that’s only because I like it DARK.

It's buildable

I personally only like dark, pitch black eyeliner and that’s what this is. But since the tip is super fine, you can still go for a really subtle look, or build it up to look like the wicked witch. There’s something about this pencil that also makes it super easy to get the perfect cat eye. I like that the texture is not too soft of jelly-like, so it doesn’t smudge everywhere when you apply it. It just goes exactly where you want it. You can also layer it without it looking cake and gross, it just gets more intense… It’s basically fool-proof.

It's practical AF

This might not be the #1 feature you’d look for in an eyeliner, but it’s still worth the mention. First of all, forget the sharpeners and all that shit. This one is a twistable, retractable tip, so it’s the easiest thing ever to use. Also, that little sponge at the other end? the BEST thing ever. I now have a hard time doing my makeup without it. It’s perfect to smudge your liner a little if you want a grungier look, to stretch your cat eye in that perfect wing, and I even use it sometimes to put eyeshadow in the crease of my eyelids, when I don’t want to be bothered with brushes. It’s the simplest thing ever, but it works so well. If you’re not one of these girls who wants to travel with 6 brushes just to do your eyes (I certainly am), then this is perfect for you.

Without even taking the price point into consideration, this is definitely the best eyeliner I’ve ever had - actually, I always have 4-5 of them on hand because I buy them in bulk. But when you consider that it’s not even 5$, it just becomes totally ridiculous to use anything else.

Your turn guys! Let me know if you have one secret cheapie beauty product that you love, and let me know if you use this eyeliner as well, I’m actually curious to see what you guys think! Hit me up in the comments below or on Instagram!

Happy Valentine’s day!

Love, Jenny xx