This week, for Beauty Wednesday, I'm finally talking about THE beauty company that's all the rage right now: The Ordinary. And even though I've tried a few of them so far (I had to!), the one I'm reviewing this week is their Salicylic Acid 2% solution.

One thing to note about The Ordinary is that, at first sight, their products are just that: Ordinary. No flashy logo, no trendy colours... Just white packaging, white labels, and a logo that's not even really a logo. If we're totally honest here. The products don't have trendy clever names either. They're just named after what they really are, or rather what the important ingredient is.

The main reason everyone is talking about The Ordinary is because the line is so affordable, it's almost ridiculous. I bought this one for 5.30$. And it's alcohol-free, oil-free, vegan and cruelty-free, amongst other things. Not bad, eh?

The best part is, it actually works. I use this one in combination with my Sunday Riley Space Race kit (to fight acne). As I mentioned before, I tend to have stress acne. Which means that when shit goes south, I start getting pimples. Then I get stressed because of the damn pimples, which causes even more of them. Great times!

But I feel like I finally found something that works for me as much as a topical can. I use my Sunday Riley kit at night, and that stuff works fabulously. Then, I wash my face in the morning and I apply this Salicylic Acid from The Ordinary. I love that it's not an oil or a serum, so it doesn't make my face feel greasy before makeup.

If you have a naturally oily skin, this Salicylic Acid Solution is really the product for you. I can apply it in the morning, then wait a few minutes and get right on with makeup. Without looking like I just finished a 12-hour shift at McDonald's. Fabulous, you say? Obviously.

I also love that it's versatile. You can apply it as a spot treatment, if you have a stubborn pimple that won't go away. You can apply a thin coat all over your face if things are getting out of control, of if you just want to generally prevent breakouts. That's what I usually do.

It comes in a glass bottle with a dropper, which I love love love love love! At first, I told myself it wasn't so practical for travelling, but I dropped it on my bathroom floor and after possibly having a heart-attack, I realized it was still intact. So I guess it's more sturdy than it looks. And it also makes it really easy to apply, without making a mess.

I'll keep using this Salicylic Acid Solution, as it works really well and doesn't dry out my skin. And I'll keep trying different products by The Ordinary, because any brand that really listens to what the consumer wants and comes out with products that work, at a really good price, has got my vote (and my money).

Are any of you using The Ordinary products? Which ones? DO you like them? DO they work well for you? Hit me up with all the deets, and give me your recommendations! Also, if you post pictures of your The Ordinary products on Instagram, don't forget to tag me @thehungarianbrunette and use the hashtag #THBreCREATED so I can see your shots and repost them, so all my people can see your work!

Happy Hump Day, guys! Hope you're all enjoying this week!

Love, Jenny xx