Hey guys, welcome back to the newest instalment of the one thing that's better than humpday: Beauty Wednesday! Once again, I'll be reviewing 3 samples and giving you my unfiltered first thoughts about them. This week, it's all about Bite Beauty's Agave lip mask, Tatcha's The Deep Cleanse, and Algenist's Genius liquid collagen.

Let's get started right away, shall we? Here we go!

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask

I know lots of people say their lips get dry and flaky in the winter. Having grown up in Canada, trust me, I get it! But there's something about LA summers that really beats the crap out of my lips, too. Sun, sea salt and the great outdoors (hello, desert trips!) really make it hard to have a soft, hydrated pout. That's why I was SO excited about trying another lip mask. (I tested Clinique's Pout Restoring lip mask a few weeks ago, you can read it here.)

The main difference between the 2 is that this one is actually marketed as a night AND day mask, whereas the Clinique one is made for night use. I personally tried it for both night and day, and I have to say it works very well. What I loved the most about it is how easy it is to wear for day time.

Most lip masks are extremely thick and sticky, which is fine considering that they're lip masks. The fact that they're so thick really allows them to stay put and do their work overnight. This one though, is very sticky when you apply it, but it kind of melts on your lips and feels more like a thick balm after a few minutes.

I also love the fact that it's available in several colours and finishes, so if you're wearing it during the day, you can still look like you have something on. I personally tested the shade Champagne and the clear one. And even though I preferred the transparent option, I can really see how the tinted one would rock it for a girl who's more into bling.

It did make my lips a lot smoother and left them feeling soft and hydrated. I usually apply lip balm every other minute like a psycho, but this mask allowed me to take a break for a few hours, which I really appreciated.

Would I buy the full size product? Yes. (Find it HERE)

Tatcha The Deep Cleanse

This is my second time around testing a Tatcha product, and I'll admit I was a little anxious. The first one didn't really work for me (read it here) and I really wanted to like the products, because, well... It's ridiculous, but I love their packaging, ha! So sue me! And don't pretend you've never bought anything because the packaging was nice.

This one is a cleanser, so I figured it was a safe thing to try. I did not hate it, but I did not love it either. I'm kind of neutral about it, to be completely honest. It's definitely something gentle, so if you have really sensitive skin, it might be a GREAT product! It's also a super clean one, so that's a plus.

I used it at night, before going to bed, and I woke up with skin that looked exactly like it does every other morning. I understand this is a cleaner and not a miracle cream, but I've had other cleansers that actually made a difference in the way my skin looked and felt, even after one use.

This one is not bad, it didn't make me breakout or dry my skin... It just didn't do much of anything, actually.

Would I buy the full size product? Probably not... (Find it HERE

Algenist Genius Liquid Collagen

The last product of this week is something I've been meaning to try for a LONG time. Now that I'm closer to 30 than 20, I've really been starting to pay WAY more attention to skincare, which you've noticed if you're a regular. Collagen is like the Holy Grail of skincare, so I was very happy to get my hands on this. And let's just say, I was just as happy, if not more, after I tried it.

Guys, that stuff is MAGICAL. I test a lot of beauty products, and I love some of them, like most of them and hate a few of them too. But sometimes, very rarely, there's a product that I just totally fall for and become obsessed with, and this is one of them!

The last time that happened, it was for Ole Henriksen's Truth Serum (read it here), and the results are quite similar. I applied this liquid collagen before going to bed, and when I woke up the next morning, I looked like a different person. A better, much better person, ha!

My skin looked brighter, tighter, and more elastic, if that makes sense. Like the one forehead line that was bothering me wasn't AT ALL the first thing I saw when I looked at my face - which says a lot. I also loved the texture, that's similar to a serum, so you can layer it with your favourite moisturizer.

It's quite a pricey product, but I guess that like in everything, you get what you pay for, right?

Would I buy the full size product? Absolutely!! (Find it HERE

That's all for this week guys! I hope you enjoyed these reviews and would love to know if you have tried or used any of these products, and what you thought about them!

You can always leave me a comment below, or hit me up on Instagram @thehungarianbrunette.

Love, Jenny xx

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