Happy Wednesday guys! Today, I'm coming over with a special Beauty Wednesday. It's special because instead of reviewing just one product, I'm giving you my FULL skincare routine. I've been working on perfecting it for months now, and while there's still a little tweak here and there from time to time, I finally have a skincare routine that I'm proud to share. Because it's working really well!

My main skin concerns, as I'm getting closer to 30 than 20 (gulp!) are the first signs of aging, oily skin, and acne. Hormonal (stress) acne, if we're being specific. With these products and tools, I finally found a way to have plump, glowing skin... That's oil and acne-free, of course!

I'm not gonna beat around the bush any longer. First, let's look at the list of everything pictured (from left to right):

Facial massager

Facial cupping set - Read the full post on it HERE

Neutrogena makeup removing lotion

Ole Henriksen Face the Truth cleanser

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum - Read my review of this serum RIGHT HERE

Ole Henriksen Banana Bright eye cream

First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue deep cleanser

First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue daily face cream

Kate Sommerville Exfolikate cleanser

Kate Sommerville Exfolikate

Kate Sommerville Exfolikate Glow Moisturizer

Ole Henriksen Cold Plunge face mask

Clarins Radiance- Plus Golden Glow Booster self-tanner drops - Full review HERE

Peter Thomas Roth Hungarian Thermal Water face mask - Full review HERE

Glamglow Volcasmic Matte Glow moisturizer - The full review is RIGHT HERE

Curology - Read my full review HERE

Ice roller

Phew, that's a lot, right? It might be, but I don't use all of it at once, obviously. So now that we've gone through the what, let's go over the how & when, shall we?


Skincare Routine - The Daily - IN THE AM

One of the first things I do when I wake up is roll my ice roller all over my face. I usually do it while making my coffee. I use it so my face doesn't look puffy and bloated, which is sometimes the case right after I wake up... Especially when I've had a lot to drink the night before. Side note: If you're interested in my full morning routine, it's right here. Then I was my face. I alternate between the Ole Henriksen Face The Truth cleanser and the First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser. I love both for different reasons, and I use the First Aid Beauty one more around that time of the month when my skin is harder to control.

Then, I apply my Banana Bright eye creme under my eyes, sunscreen (not pictured), and I stop there. That thing is literally an instant brightener for the under-eye and it gets rid of any darkness... It seriously makes me look so awake and bright and glowy.

If I wear makeup that day, I skip moisturizer and move right to this moisturizing primer, that still hydrates my skin, but doesn't make it look oily.

If I'm NOT wearing makeup (which is the case on most days - read more on why I stopped wearing makeup here), I keep going with 2 extra steps. First, I apply my Ole Henriksen Truth Serum, which is literally GLOW in a bottle. The first time I used it, Sasha asked me what I did, because my skin looked so great. I swear, if a man notices the difference, that shit is WORKING! Finally, I end with moisturizer.


Skincare Routine - The Daily - AT NIGHT

Obviously, the first thing I do at night is remove my makeup. I LOVE my Neutrogena makeup removing lotion, and it's the only one I will use. I personally HATE the oily makeup removers, you know the ones with little bubbles floating that you have to shake... I feel like they suck at actually removing makeup and they make my skin feel SO gross. This one is so gentle and you really don't have to rub hard, even on waterproof mascara. It's the BEST.

Then, I cleanse my face again. I feel like washing my face at night is so important to get rid of all the pollution, impurities and other nasty elements that accumulate on my face during the day. I will NOT go to bed without washing my face.

Right after, I massage my jaw with my facial massager. This one has 2 balls that glide on each side of the jaw and it feels SO good. Since I was "diagnosed" with TMJ lately, I feel like it really helps with the jaw pain I sometimes feel at night after a tough day. If you have jaw pain, I highly recommend this specific facial massager. On days when I feel tense and stressed, I even use it multiple times during the day and it's a life-saver!

Then, I follow up with Curology, who completely changed my life, because it's the only thing that got rid of my stress acne. I then layer on my Truth Serum, Banana Bright eye creme and moisturizer, which I mix with 2 drops of my Clarins Glow Booster drops. This last step is to make sure I always have a natural sun-kissed glow, without the need to get a spray tan.

Skincare Routine - The Weekly

On top of everything I do daily, I sometimes add a few extra steps.

The first one being facial cupping, that I do in the morning or at night, while washing my face. They say you should use an oil to do it, but I feel like using my facial cleanser gets rid of an extra step, and it also feels super efficient. I do facial cupping 2-3 times a week.

I also LOVE a good face mask, like I'm OBSESSED. If I could, I would do one every day, but I feel like that's a little overboard. I wrote a full post on my favourite face masks, that you can read right here. In that post, you'll see a list of all the face masks I love and use, which I didn't all include in this list, otherwise it would have been way too long. So I concentrated on the 2 I'm using the most right now. I do a face mask 2-3 times a week also.

Lastly, I like to use the Kate Sommerville Exfolikate systemonce a week. You see, I used to love exfoliating my skin. But since I started using Curology, I can't do that anymore. Physical exfoliation is not recommended when you're using Curology, and the few times I tried it anyway (living right on the edge), my face was covered with little white heads the next morning. So obviously I stopped. But this system is gentle enough for me to use it once a week without any undesirable side effects, and still makes my skin feel fresh and new.


That's it for my skincare routine, guys! I feel like this took forever, and it seems so time consuming... But the truth is, it's really not that hard or complicated, and it makes me feel SO good. After all, we change and wash our clothes everyday, but there's no way to get out of your skin, so I feel like taking care of it is just SO important.

What about you guys? What does you skincare routine look like? Is it simple, or does it have steps and steps and steps, like mine?

Would love to know more on YOUR skin tips, so please share them with me below, in the comment section! If you have one favourite skincare product, also let me know so I can check them out!!

Love, Jenny xx