Due to popular demand... Holy shit, could this be any more obnoxious? LOL. But yeah, you guys asked, so I'm delivering: a THB smoothie bowl tutorial.

If you follow along on Instagram, you for sure have seen one of my many smoothie bowl posts. And that's because I have one every day for breakfast. Seriously. Every. Fucking. Day.

There's something about starting the day on a sweet note that's just so appealing to me. I must have mentioned at least a hundred thousand times how I have a sweet tooth. But being health conscious, I really try to tone it down a little. Since I know I'm gonna be eating sugar anyway, a smoothie bowl seems like one of the healthiest options.

I'm also into supplements, but I hate eating a bunch of pills. They just make me feel like I'm sick. Psychologically, every time I have to swallow one of these pills, it makes me feel so weird, like I'm physically sick. Almost in a psychosomatic way. Weird, I know, whatever... So a great thing about a smoothie bowl is that it's super easy for me to get powder supplements and mix them in, so I don't have to swallow a bunch of pills. Talk about 2 birds with one stone.


Now that we've established why it's so great to eat a smoothie bowl, let's talk about how to make one, shall we?

Basically, to make a smoothie bowl, you'll need to make a smoothie (shocker!), dump it in a bowl and top it with various toppings... Simple. The hardest part is actually to have all the ingredients on hand. To make sure I can always make a nice smoothie bowl, I actually have a corner of my pantry that's only for smoothie bowl supplies... Is that psycho? Maybe. Here's what I like to have in my "smoothie bowl corner":

For The Base (Smoothie)

  • Frozen fruit (I like raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and mangoes)

  • Acai & pitaya mix

  • Coconut water

  • Non-dairy milk (I like macadamia, coconut or hemp)

  • A heathy fat (like coconut oil)

  • Water

  • Supplement powders (Maca and Collagen)



  • Granola (either store-bought or my own home-made recipe)

  • Fresh fruit (berries or bananas)

  • Shredded coconut

  • Hemp hearts

  • Nuts (I usually use almonds or macadamia)

  • Dark chocolate chips or cacao nibs

  • Seeds (chia or flax)

  • Almond butter


Obviously these are just suggestions. They're things that I like, but you should have things that you like available for your smoothie bowl glory to happen. You like kiwis? Great, add them to that list! I try to limit my sugar consumption a little, so I stay away from toppers like honey, Nutella or goji berries, but I know they're also pretty popular. You do you here.

A few things I'd like to touch on before moving on to the actual process:

The fruits for the smoothie base: I usually try to stick with berries, since they have much less sugar than tropical fruits like bananas, mango and pineapple. I recently discovered that some acai mixes have almost 0 sugar and carbs, so when I can, I'll do half fruit/half acai.

The liquids for the smoothie base: I don't do everything at the same time. For example, I won't put water + coconut water + milk. Usually I put half water and half non-dairy milk or coconut water. I like to have water in my smoothie, I feel like milk only makes it very heavy and I'm not a hue fan.


The coconut oil and supplements: I don't take a thousand supplements and some of them (like fish oil) are things I would never want to add to my smoothie. The only powders I usually add to my smoothie are maca and collagen. I did a full post on maca, that you HAVE to read (here) if you don't know what it is or if you don't take it. Seriously, if I had to take only one supplement, it probably would be maca. About collagen, I think everyone knows that it's good for skin, but I mostly take it for my knee problems. I'll do a full post on it soon.

Now for the healthy fats, I LOVE coconut oil. I don't overdo it, because there's also plenty of healthy fats in almond butter, chia seeds and flax seeds. But one interesting thing with supplements is that a lot of them actually work better (as in they're assimilated more easily by the body) when they're taken in combination with coconut oil. It also adds a subtle taste I'm a huge fan of.

The toppings: As I mentioned above, I try to stick to toppings that don't have humongous amounts of sugar in them. That's why I sometimes make my own granola, to keep it as clean as possible. It's actually surprising to see how much sugar they out in "healthy" granola. When I'm really trying to keep it to a low sugar level, I'll use hemp hearts instead of granola.

I usually only put almond butter when I know I'll be out and may not be able to have a full lunch, just for an extra bit of healthy fats and protein.


Now on to the actual making of the smoothie bowl. I use a Ninja blender and I think it makes an amazing job. First, I pull out all the toppings I want to use that day, and then I throw the ingredients for the smoothie base in the Ninja.

I usually do 2 cups of fruit (or 1.5 cups + acai or pitaya mix), my collagen and maca powder, a spoonful of coconut oil, and top it off with a bit of water and non-dairy milk. Now here's the most important thing: You want your smoothie base to be THICK. If it's too runny, everything you put on top will just sink miserably to the bottom and your bowl will look like shit.

After a few tries, I found the exact amount of water I need to make it perfectly, but I don't actually measure it. I'd rather put a little less, blend it a little and add more if it doesn't blend well... Until I have the perfect consistency. In that case, the thicker the better.


Then, I transfer my base in a bowl, smooth it over with a spoon, and start adding my toppings. I think this post is photo-heavy enough to give you a few ideas of shapes and designs to do, so I won't blabber on and on about it. A straight or diagonal line, are the simplest ones to do. Once you've mastered that, you can do crescents, circles, and more artful designs. One design I'm trying to master now is the "artful throw" when it looks like toppings were just thrown in the most perfect way and nothing is too perfect.

Surprisingly, it's probably the hardest one to do, because there's a fine line between an artful throw and a big messy pile of sh*t.

Alright guys, so I think I covered everything, now I'll let you go and make your own delicious smoothie bowls. Let me know if you have any more questions on this smoothie bowl tutorial or if I forgot anything. You can hit me up in the comment section below, or on Instagram, where I spend a ridiculous amount of time when I'm not making or eating smoothie bowls.

And, as usual, I want to see YOUR smoothie bowl creations. Post a picture of your smoothie bowl on Instagram and tag it with #thbrecreated so I can see it and repost it! I'm dying to see what flavour combinations and designs you guys come up with!

Wishing you guys a great week!

Love, Jenny xx