1- Dolce & Gabbana Point-Toe Flats | 2- Cathy Din Embroidered Mules | 3- Patricia Green Lobster + Crab Espadrilles | 4- Forever 21 Cherries Mules | 5- Aldo Striped Espadrilles | 6- J. Crew Island Espadrilles | 7- Aldo Floral Striped Mules | 8- Soludos Embroidered Mules | 9- Sam Edelman Cactus Straw Mules | 10- Charlotte Olympia Jacquard Slippers | 11- Kenneth Cole Summer Espadrilles | 12- Soludos Parrots Espadrilles

In the spirit of saving money for cakes, pastries and other necessities, I started this series where I pick a piece I love at an expensive price, and then find affordable options in the same trend, that all have the same total price as the “splurge” piece.

So for the same amount of money, you could get one statement piece, or go for a full-on “haul”.

THE BREAKDOWN: The Splurge: $945    The Haul: 11 pieces for $936

Last time I went to the beach, I came to a sad, sad observation: I don't own even one pair of flat sandals. I mean, I have shitty flip-flops that I wear to go to the jacuzzi, but nothing decent I can wear at the beach and then not be embarrassed if we decide to grab a meal on the way back home. I do have a decent amount of shoes, but they're mostly heels or ballerina flats.

Here's why: I have a crippling disgust for feet. Phew, it's out there! Seriously, if you have a foot fetish, you need to really explain this to me, because I just don't get it. Big butts, not my personal style, but I can understand the appeal. Legs, I get that, they're attractive. But feet? Never. When I see someone's feet, my gut reaction is to scream (silently) GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY FACE! I just don't care how beautiful of a pedicure you have, how polished and clean your feet are, to me, they might as well be crusty old stinky feet with toe nails long enough to climb a tree. #NOTHANKS

I make an exception for heeled sandals, because a good heel just makes any foot look more elegant and acceptable to look at. But certain occasions, like an afternoon at the beach or a day walking around Santa Monica, really call for flats. Because if there's one thing I loathe more than a foot, it's a grown woman walking around in heels looking like Big Bird with a broken foot. Just don't. That doesn't say sexy and attractive, it screams POOR JUDGMENT. If you know you'll be walking around all day and your feet get killed after 30 minutes in heels, for fuck's sake, just wear flats and save yourself the humiliation.

So, yeah! Flat sandals, not for me. At least until I find a pair that doesn't conflict with my hate for feet. I also have tiny ankles, so gladiators that wrap around the leg are a big NO-NO. And so is anything flip-flop style with something between the toes, that level of discomfort just makes me very aggressive.

So for summer, since I most likely won't be wearing sandals, I thought a good pair of embellished flats would be nice. Most of the time, they're more comfortable to walk in than sandals anyway. And there are SO many cute and quirky options that I really don't feel like I'm restricting myself. If you love a good pair of embellished flats, there's really a lot to choose from.

First, there are many styles of shoes. Ballerina flats, loafers, mules, espadrilles, you name it! Then, my favourite part: The embellishments. This is really what makes the difference in my opinion, between a serious shoe, and a fun, flirty, SUMMER option. Cactus, birds, flowers, animals... YES, YES, YES!!!

I could really see myself ROCKING #6, #7 and #9. Weirdly enough, I'm usually really not a fan of stripes, but these just really tickle my pickle. I feel like they're super fun and they SCREAM Margaritas, por favor! Love it.

What about you guys, any favourites? And more importantly, any recs for decent sandals that won't make people think that I'm hiding my feet because they're covered in various deformities? I mean, I love my closed flats, but I'm all for trying new things! You can leave me a comment below, or hit me up on Instagram!

Hope you guys are having a killer week!

Love, Jenny xx