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In the spirit of saving money for Sephora hauls and other necessities, I started this series where I pick a piece I love at an expensive price, and then find affordable options in the same trend, that all have the same total price as the “splurge” piece.

So for the same amount of money, you could get one statement piece, or go for a full-on “haul”.

THE BREAKDOWN: Splurge: $675   Haul: 8 pieces for $666

Coachella might be over, but festival season has only begun. In my mind, there's nothing that screams festival season more than a couple of good festival sets. You guessed it, (hopefully!) I'm not talking about DJ sets, but more like a good two-piece set.

Aside from the whole boho-festival-girl vibe I love, my favourite things about festival sets is how fucking versatile they are. I mean sure, you can wear them to a festival, but you can also wear them to brunch, a date, a day at the beach (over your fave bikini). You can basically wear them to any occasion.

Speaking of versatility, every time I buy a two-piece set, I always see it as if I was buying 3 pieces for the price of one: A top, a bottom and a dress. Of course you can wear both pieces of your festival sets together, but you can also pair almost any top with a good pair of denim shorts.

You probably noticed that lots of these are from Forever 21. Actually, 5 out of 9 are from Forever 21. I used to not be a fan of the giant retailer, but I don't know what happened, it feels like they really stepped their game up this summer. At least online. There's not much I hate more than a Forever 21 store, TBH. It feels like they always have odd sizes and no one knows what is where. But if you enjoy shopping online, it's actually great, and their return policy is also pretty iron-clad.

My 3 favourite festival sets this month are:

  • The pink parrot-print one from Forever 21: I'm usually not super big on prints. I don't do a lot of florals or stripes... And it's extremely rare that I like a polka dot or a gingham, unless I'm really going for a vintage vibe on purpose. But one print I don't mind is a good animal print. I also love animal shaped jewelry. This set is also pink (my favourite) and super flirty. It has everything I might want for summer.

  • The striped mini-shorts and bandeau one from The Fifth Label: So as I mentioned above, I don't do stripes often, but I feel like if they're very fin stripes, they work so well for a full-on summer vibe. I love how the shorts ave this interesting cut with the frills... Not to mention the bow on the top. I feel like both these pieces could be work separately and look fab AF. The top with denim shorts and the bottom with a white eyelet top. I love how it looks young, carefree and beautiful!

  • The striped midi-skirt one from Forever 21: Once again, this is out of my comfort zone, but looks SO summery that I LOVE it. Even more so than stripes, I don't do longer skirts. I used to have to wear them when I worked at a law firm and I hated it. Obviously I wasn't gonna show up in a mini skirt, so I'd end up wearing pants most of the time. Oh, the hardships of the corporate world! All jokes aside, one of my (very few) great features is my long legs. So I love showcasing them in a mini skirt. It just looks better on me. But this set looks so cute and feminine, and I feel like it would work because if the slit. I'd wear this one to a brunch on a boat... If we're being specific.

That's all for now, guys. I hope you enjoyed these festival sets?! Let me know your favourite ones, either in the comment section below or hit me up on my latest post on Instagram (it's about these sets, shocker!!!)

Also, if you enjoyed this Splurge VS Haul, you can find the other editions from previous months HERE.

One last thing: If you own one of these festival sets (or any other ones) post a picture of you wearing it on Instagram and tag it with #THBRECREATED so I can repost it and give you a shoutout! I love seeing what you guys are up to!!

Love, Jenny xx