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In the spirit of saving money for restaurant escapades and other frivolities, I started this series where I pick a piece I love at an expensive price, and then find affordable options in the same trend, that all have the same total price as the “splurge” piece.

So for the same amount of money, you could get one statement piece, or go for a full-on “haul”.

THE BREAKDOWN: Splurge: $834   Haul: 8 pieces for $817

April is my birthday month, which automatically gives me major red party dresses envy. In Hungarian tradition, red brings luck, and for a wedding, tradition wants that the bride changes her dress at midnight to a red one, called the "new wife dress". Inspired by that tradition, I feel like wearing a red dress on a birthday feels fitting. Like it's a sendoff into a new year, hopefully filled with good things. Anyone with me on this?

Now, I'm obviously not married, but since I was a child, I always loved that story. To me wearing a red dress is a sign of celebration, festivities, and is often sexy, too.

Isn't a birthday the perfect time to be festive and sexy? I think so.

While I don't have any specific birthday plans this year, I'm still looking at red dresses, because old habits die hard, ha! And because I don't have specific plans yet, I thought I would include different styles... Just so I'm covered in any case, you know?

While all of these look simply magical (and super festive) to me, I'll admit I have a HUGE crush on the ones by Majorelle and The Fifth Label.

What about you guys? Which ones of these red party dresses are you digging the most? Hit me up in the comments below or DM me on Instagram, per usual!

Also, if you haven't heard about the new The Hungarian Brunette hashtag, you NEED to check out last Friday's post ASAP and start tagging your pictures with #THBreCREATED. These red party dresses are a great start.

Post a picture of you in your fave red party dress and tag it with #THBreCREATED. I'll repost it so everyone else can see how YOU styled it!!

For more info, also check my Instagram post all about this THB hashtag!

Love you guys, Jenny xx