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In the spirit of saving money for skincare and other frivolities, I started this series where I pick a piece I love at an expensive price, and then find affordable options in the same trend, that all have the same total price as the “splurge” piece. So for the same amount of money, you could get one statement piece, or go for a real “haul”.

THE BREAKDOWN: Splurge: $745   Haul: 9 pieces for $746

Let’s be honest here: I LOVE a good statement sleeve. I feel like there’s something about a good dramatic bell sleeve that makes me feel like a medieval princess. But maybe that’s because my mom is obsessed with that plague-ridden era and I grew up in a house where we had pictures of princesses (in bell-sleeved dresses) hanging on our walls. So, I guess thanks mom for f*cking up with my fashion sense. Although that’s kind of a plus for me now, because it’s trendy AF so, that’s cool.

Recently, though, I’ve been more aware of the fact that I not only like bells on shirts and dresses, I also kinda like it on pants. I feel like it’s super flattering because it makes your hips look smaller and your legs look longer.

I’m actually really in love with these $65 ones from Topshop, I mean, how amazing do they look? I might have to get them, although since I’m already super skinny and have long legs, I’ll probably look like an alien. Given that they even have them in the right length in my size. Because that’s the tricky thing with bell-bottomed pants: They have to graze the floor. Like, they have to be that perfect length where they kinda touch the floor, but you don't trip on them. Also, I feel like if they’re too long, the bottom would get dirty and that’s gross.

So here you go guys, pick your faves and let me know what they are! Mine are definitely that Free People lace top and the all-black Topshop pants, although if I was still working in a corporate environment, I’d be running for that shirt from H&M.

Also, let me know, what do you think about bell sleeves? Love them or hate them? Would you go for a full haul of bell sleeves and hems? Let me know in the comments below or hit me up on Instagram @thehungarianbrunette and let me know if you’d like a splurge VS haul on a specific trend!

Talk to you soon!

Love, Jenny xx