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In the spirit of saving money for restaurant escapades and other frivolities, I started this series where I pick a piece I love at an expensive price, and then find affordable options in the same trend, that all have the same total price as the “splurge” piece.

So for the same amount of money, you could get one statement piece, or go for a full-on “haul”.

THE BREAKDOWN: Splurge: $1,600   Haul: 13 pieces for $1,575

I feel like it's safe to say that Spring is FINALLY showing up. Which means I have a serious case of Spring Fever. In the next weeks, I'll be dreaming about music festivals (and going to one), Palm Springs... And pink, frilly, girly clothes. That's just what happens to me every year.

I've only allowed myself to embrace my love of pink in the last few years and I used to shy away from it, from fear of being perceived as too girly and dumb. But I've learned to embrace my feminine style, balance it with a few destroyed jeans and studded leather jackets, and not give a shit what people think.

Pink is now my favourite colour, and I have bags, shoes, skirts, jewelry, office supplies, and a bunch of other things in that "girly" hue. Even though I never miss an occasion to wear it, there's something about Spring that makes wearing pink almost... I don't know. Spiritual?

Call me crazy. You'll probably be right anyway!

Although all these pieces are giving me MAJOR envy, I really have a weak spot for that Free People Dress, that looks as good from the front as it does from the back. That Majorelle skirt and top? I feel like I wanna go to Palm Springs just to have an excuse to wear it. And if you still want a pink set but don't wanna drop almost 300$, I got you covered too! Because that By The Way set is 68$ for BOTH pieces. That's an insane deal. And it's from Revolve, so you know it's legit. It's not one of those shady websites from China... Although it's practically the same price!

What I'm for sure gonna get for myself are the mules from H&M and the AEO tank top. I've been looking for mules for an eternity and my other pink shoes are all close to retirement, due to a few trips to the beach. That's the thing about light pink suede shoes, they get dirty so quickly... It's not even funny! Which is why I get mine for cheap and keep them on rotation.

About the tank top, it's on sale now, so act quickly. And I'm telling you, you NEED this tank. I have a white one and a grey one, and I'm planning on getting one in every colour they cary. They're soft as hell, the cut is amazing and they last forever. I wore my grey one in Mexico so often last Christmas, it was embarrassing!

Alright guys, I hope you get major inspo from this pink madness board. Hit me up if you have any other favourite pink pieces, I want ALL of them!! You can leave me a comment below, or DM me a pic on Instagram, so I can swoon all over it.

Hugs, Jenny xx