SPOTLIGHT: THE HAIR SCARF (+15 stunning scarves to shop)

The Hungarian Brunette - Spotlight: the hair scarf (+15 stunning scarves to shop)

If you haven’t seen everyone, their mom and their dogs on Instagram wearing a hair scarf, then you haven’t been living. You can quote me on that.

I’ve always been obsessed with gorgeous hair accessories (or at least since fashion school), and I’m very happy that they’re making a comeback this year… But I usually much prefer looking at them from afar.

Here’s the tea: I have a love-hate relationship with my face (lol). I wear my hair the same way every day, and that would be the exact same way it looks when I wake up in the morning. If I’m feeling fancy, I might brush it, but that’s about it.

You will very rarely see me sporting an updo of any kind, because I just feel like it makes my face look rounder and my nose look bigger.

All that being said, one of my favourite hair accessory has to be a hair scarf. I feel like it’s such an easy, low maintenance way to add so much style to an otherwise simple outfit… And my favourite part is, it literally take 3 seconds to tie around a ponytail.

So when I was browsing my friend’s online shop (it’s called Très Vu - I also got this top from her, and you need to check out the shop RIGHT HERE) and I saw this scarf for literally $12 (what a steal!) I knew I had to take a leap of faith and hope I could wear it with confidence.

This was the first way I wore it, and to be 100% honest, I don’t feel like it’s the most flattering on me, but I HAD to share it with you anyways, because I just couldn’t wait.

BUT…. I’ve been wearing it a ton of different ways since then, and I’m currently working on a post called “x ways to wear a hair scarf”. The x obviously standing for the maximum possible amount of ways I can find that don’t make me look horrible, LOL. So definitely stay tuned for that if you’re into hair scarves.

In the meantime, I linked these 15 gorgeous hair scarves for you to shop, because you guys know I love giving you some options (and I know not everyone has the exact same taste) but if you ask me, this one from my friend’s shop is definitely the best one of the list, ha!

Also, it comes with a matching scrunchie (not pictured) that’s all leopard print, and I’m obsessed with it. It’s made from the same silky material, and I swear I can wear my hair in a bun for hours with that scrunchie, and it doesn’t leave any kinks when I let it loose. It’s magical.

Are you guys fans of the hair scarf trend? Or do you prefer the barrette trend? I love both, and I’m really looking forward to featuring more hair accessories on here and having fun with them, if that’s something you guys are into! So please let me know in the comment section below if it’s something you would like to see!!

Love you guys,

Jenny xx

The Hungarian Brunette - Spotlight: the hair scarf + 15 stunning hair scarves to shop
The Hungarian Brunette - Spotlight: the hair scarf + 15 stunning hair scarves to shop