Happy Monday guys! Last week, I published a post called Stereotypes about LA (part 1)... So obviously, it was to be expected that a part 2 would come, ha! So many of you told me that you enjoyed the first post, that I decided to post this follow-up quickly, and here we are!

I obviously recommend that you read the first part if you haven't... And without further delay, let's tackle the 5 new stereotypes about LA I wanna discuss today!


FALSE! FALSE! SO FALSE! I don't know how many times I can write the word false without this post being categorized as spam, but this statement couldn't be more false. I've travelled quite a bit, and I have to say, LA is probably one of the most diverse cities I've been to.

I feel like the only way someone could think this statement is true is A) If they've only seen LA in the movies, or B) If they were brought blindfolded to Rodeo Drive for a day and then taken back home the same way. Various ethnicities might be misrepresented in Hollywood, but the

While it is true that certain neighbourhoods have a much higher concentration of very rich, caucasian people, that's really not the norm for Los Angeles as a whole. There's actually a high population of Hispanic, African American and Asian people, coming from really diverse socio-economical backgrounds. In certain neighbourhoods, billboards and advertisements are in Spanish or Asian, targeting the main demographics in these specific regions.

Also, as I've mentioned in the first part of this post, LA is known to have a high population of homeless people, and I've never seen so many people living in their car/vans.

This makes for a very diverse background that really isn't all white or rich.



TRUE! The food scene in LA is really out of this world! I remember living in Montreal and wanting to eat out with my vegan friend... And being confined to 3 restaurants that had decent options... 2 of them being fast food. In LA, wether your vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free... You name it, there's at least 100 places you will want to try!

Just as I mentioned above, LA is also a melting pot of many, many different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds, so there's also LOTS of authentic ethnic foods available. I feel like the most underrated ethnic food is taco trucks. Or any Mexican street food, actually. Netflix's Ugly Delicious even had a whole episode on the topic. It's a truly fascinating one, if you haven't seen it.

Other than Mexican, there are TONS of other things you can find in LA, I've had some really creative lattes, unexpected ice cream flavours, delicious vegan food, and out of this world sushis and seafood. Since California is also a super health-conscious state, it's super easy to find healthy options no matter where you eat.

Also noteworthy, while LA is an expensive city to live in, I feel like this doesn't really apply to food. Yes, if you absolutely want to eat at Nobu, you'll pay for it. But it's easily doable to have an amazing meal for $20 or under, especially for lunch or brunch. In certain laid-back neighbourhoods like Venice, you can also grab almost anything in a bowl form and eat it on the beach, for the most amazing, epic picnic ever.

On that note, I'm thinking about starting a new section on here about my favourite places to grab a meal or a drink in LA. Would love to know what you guys think about it! In the meantime, if you're coming to LA and need restaurant recs, definitely hit me up!



If you're planning a trip to LA and concentrating your outings around DTLA, don't. I was very surprised the first time I went DTLA, because I was expecting a downtown like Montreal, Boston or San Fransisco. And, well... It's a totally different game. While there still are lots of things to see downtown, I feel like a day or two are plenty to spend there. Since we've been here, we've maybe been downtown 5 or 6 times, mostly for a specific event or to show around visitors.

Truth is, most of downtown is occupied with wholesale stores... When I went the first time, I was expecting the fashion district and the jewelry district to be amazing. And I was super disappointed to see that there it was mostly like a giant flea market in spaces closed by a massive garage door, or wholesale suppliers. Staying downtown is also something I wouldn't do, as it gets pretty wild around sunset.

I feel like if you're visiting, West LA is the place to be. Neighbourhoods like Venice and Santa Monica, are both by the water and there are TONS of things to do aside from the beach. And yes, the Santa Monica pier might be super touristy. But there are so many "local" options nearby that really don't have a touristy vibes and are worth seeing.

LA doesn't really feel like a massive, humongous city (which it is) but more like 20 mid-size cities stacked together. Every neighbourhood is so different and diverse, with a totally different vibe and things to do... But downtown is kind of rundown and dirty, and it's really not where I would plan on spending most of my time.



While it would be totally stupid to assume that everyone has plastic surgery, if I had to chose only one response to this one, I'd say it's TRUE. Los Angeles doesn't hold the title Capital of plastic surgery for nothing!

I feel like culturally, it's way more accepted here to have plastic surgery here, and people don't really hide it either. I don't know if it's the movie industry, the Kardashians or the remnants of Baywatch (I'm half joking here), but yeah... LA has seen a lot of botox, breast implants and lip injections. For someone from out-of-state, it can be a little shocking to hear stories about how parents buy breast implants for their high school daughters. I was certainly taken aback the first time my friend told me that story... But after a while of seeing it everywhere, I kinda just got used to it.

And truth is, yes, plastic surgery is way more mainstream and accessible here, but there are also lots of people who chose to go the natural route. I feel like if you come from somewhere where one woman in the whole city has had a nose job, then it's definitely shocking at first. I was definitely surprised by the amount of cement-like, ultra jacked-up fake breasts at first... And then kind of stopped seeing it.

I feel like just like anything else, it's what you focus on that really matters... But I have to say, it's still kind of a shock to me to be offered lip injections and botox while casually walking on the street. I feel like that's something I will probably never get used to.



This is not a stereotype I thought about LA before coming here, it's actually something I figured out since I've been here, based on personal experience. So obviously, I'll say this one is TRUE. But it obviously doesn't apply to everyone. One of the first girls I met in LA was born and raised here... And she's one of the most reliable people I know. She will literally be there 10 minutes in advance, no matter where or when we meet.

Other than that, though? Things are BAD. I could understand people being constantly 10 minutes late... Because traffic is really out of this world annoying and permanent. Crazier than Paris and even NYC. Like literally going one mile can take you 40 minutes.

But it goes way beyond being punctual. If someone says they want to hang out, don't take it for granted until you're actually sitting together at a coffee shop. If someone says they will call, don't hold you breath. I've had girls reach out to me saying they want to be friends and are drying to hang out. To which I've responded with my availabilities... And then silence. That type of situation happened too many times to count. And I'll say it again: I'm not even the one who reached out.

Thankfully, I don't have to date in LA, but I've heard things are just as bad. So it's not only women who do it to other women, it's just apparently everyone. I have a theory (that most people I've shared it with agree with), that LA is a place where lots of people come in hope of a career in the entertainment industry. Therefore, people are there to benefit themselves and push their own agenda, not to make friends... Unless you're an agent or a casting director, ha! I wish I was kidding (and I'm obviously exaggerating here) but I feel like LA is a city of really selfish people.

Once again, don't get mad at me, I KNOW not everyone is like that. I'm not like that, and the people I choose to hang out with are not like that. Because that's a big pet peeve of mine. But let's just say that he next time I hear the story of some LA girl who got ghosted on Tinder, I won't have too much pity. Because let's be real, she probably did the same thing at least a million times.

That's it for the second instalment of stereotypes about LA, guys! I hope you enjoyed reading this, it was certainly super fun for me to write these posts!

I would love to know if you agree or disagree with any of these or my take on them. You can always leave me a comment below, or come chat on Instagram, where there will be a post about this topic @thehungarianbrunette!

Lastly, if you're planning a trip to LA, I'd love to help! You can always hit me up on here, IG, or send me an email.

Wishing all of you an amazing week!

Love, Jenny xx