If you follow me on Instagram, you might remember one of the first Beauty Wednesdays I ever did, before I even launched The Hungarian Brunette Blog. (If not, you can check it out here.) I mention it because it was another Stila Product, the Glitter & Glow liquid eyeshadow.

Well, this week I'm back with another hit from the same brand: The Stila Heaven's Hue highlighter. And guys, it is GOOD. To be clear, if you like a full-beam, super bright look, this probably isn't for you. Because it gives just the most gorgeous natural looking glow. The kind of glow that will make people ask themselves if you're wearing highlighter or not.

It's not something I would wear for a photoshoot or a music festival, for which I like a more pronounced look. *On a side-note, I did wear the Stila Glitter & Glow eyeshadow all over my forehead and chest, combined with some gems, to the Beyond Wonderland Festival a few weeks ago, and it looked BOMB. Back to this highlighter, it's definitely one that I wear a few times a week, especially with lighter makeup. It offers pretty much the same level of glow as the Dior Flash Luminizer, which looks great on a bare face. Except it's much easier and quicker to blend over foundation. Actually, it's so subtle that you barely have to blend it.

From application to consistency, here are a few key points that I love about the Stila Heaven's Hue highlighter:

It Feels Like A Cloud

The texture of this product is probably the first reason why I bought it. It's not a gel, not a cream and not a powder. It kinda feels to the touch like a very soft and polished cobblestone... With the bounce of a hard-boiled egg. I know that doesn't exactly sound like something you'd wanna put on your face, but trust me, you do. The texture it has to the touch also makes it extremely lightweight. It really feels like you have nothing on your face.

It's The Perfect Shade & Shine

The Stila Heaven's Hue highlighter is available in 3 shades. They basically go from light pink to a darker bronze, with a stunning rose gold in the middle. So it's super easy to figure out which one works best for you. If you're fair, you should pick the lighter one, etc. I personally bought the lighter one (when I lived in Montreal) and now that I'm permanently a little more tanned, I really want the medium one. Don't get me wrong, this one (Transcendence) still looks amazing, I just feel like the rose gold one would be more appropriate for my skin tone.

Now on to the shine... It's honestly the best. It looks more pearly than sparkly, so there's definitely no big sparkles there. Just teeny-tiny little flecks that you almost can't see individually, that give the area where you apply it a nice pearlescent finish. It's not one of those highlighters that will give you a full-beams drag queen look, but sometimes, less is more.

It's Cruelty-Free

Lately, I started paying more attention to cruelty-free brands. And while there still are a few things in my makeup collection that don't fit the bill, I'm definitely trying to encourage more cruelty free brands. Stila is one of them. They even pulled their products out of China, which, let's face it, is a HUGE market. Just so they wouldn't have to test on animals (which is required by law in China) and get a PETA certification. Now if that's not altruism, I don't know what is.

That's all for now guys. The only downside with the Stila Heaven's Hue highlighter is that it's subtle and light, which means you will most likely need to reapply it every few hours, as it fades away... But the case is so beautiful and chic, that it's not a huge issue. Also, since the best way to apply it is with fingers directly, it's not like you need to carry a bunch of shit around either. It litteraly takes less than 10 seconds to apply it.

I hope you enjoyed this Beauty Wednesday review and found it helpful. Let me know if you guys have tried this highlighter or if you're going to. Also, if there's any specific type of product you'd like to see more of, definitely let me know! Hit me up in the comments below, or on Instagram.

Talk to you soon!

Love, Jenny xx