This week on my Instagram stories, I asked you guys what kind of outfits you wanted to see on THB. "Real life" outfits that you guys can wear every day, or more inspirational, elaborate outfits. About 60% of you said "real" outfits, so it's divided pretty evenly, with a slight preference for some real-life stuff. And I have to admit, I kind of prefer putting out that type of content anyways. As a blogger, I feel like there's just no point in creating content that almost no one can relate to. While some outfits might be a little more out-there, I fee like "real" stuff can be inspiring, too.

So today, I'm sharing this casual look, that I call the elevated black sweater. I feel like a black sweater is a piece almost everyone has... Because it's comfortable yet stylish, and super easy to match, because it goes with everything. It's also a piece that never goes out of style, so you can keep wearing it as long as it looks good, without having to worry about trends. To me, that's a huge plus, because I don't like dressing for trends. I'd much rather wear things that look good on me and flatter my body type.

But even though there are lots of upsides to a black sweater, it can get kind of... Boring. You know, a little basic, fault of a better word. Just like a plain white t-shirt. So that's why, when I wear a black sweater, I like to wear an elevated black sweater. Which is basically a basic black sweater, with a detail that makes it special and interesting.

This one is from Zara, and it's a few years old, but I still wear it many times every year. I love that the fabric isn't too thick, so it's not overly warm... But it still qualifies as a sweater, so I can wear it in the Winter and not freeze to death. Not being overdramatic at all here, you know? I just don't like cold, and I'm always cold. The struggle is REAL, guys.

So obviously, I had to find more current options for an elevated black sweater, circa 2018. I thought finding interesting black sweaters would be easy AF, but I couldn't have been more wrong! I feel like almost all of them were just a basic black, tight fitting sweater, with either a V-neck or a round neckline. SNOOZE FEST, you know? But nevertheless, I found 9 great elevated black sweater options, that will take the blah out of black sweater, real quick!

Not bad, eh? I obviously love all of them (otherwise they wouldn't be on that list). But I feel like numbers 2, 4, 5 and 8 would be particularly happy in my closet. I love that each of these sweaters has a little detail that makes them special. Wether it's an uneven hem, contrasting white bows, cutouts or bell sleeves, they all look like a non-basic piece. Like someone really put some thought into them. And I love that.

I feel like the best way to always look stylish... And brace yourselves here partners, because this is about to be life-shattering... Is to not have any basic, boring pieces. If you're gonna buy a white t-shirt, get one with a pocket or a graphic element on it. On that note, I just bought my first white t-shirt recently and it has BOOBS on it! So fun! I'll post it soon so you guys can see it. If you're gonna buy blue jeans, don't just buy the plain blue ones... Get some with visually interesting rips, studs, embroideries, a fun hem... The options are just endless. Same goes for black sweaters (and every basic item of clothing).

I hope you guys enjoy these elevated black sweaters, and I hope you all have an amazing weekend.

Love, Jenny xx