The Hungarian Brunette Red and Pink 30 second Q-tip nail art (1 of 3).jpg

Guys, happy Friday!! Today, I thought I would end the week with a super simple, fun post, AKA this red and pink nail art. I love this technique because it literally takes 30 seconds more than just painting your nails, and the effect looks so much cooler than anything that would usually take 30 seconds.

I also kind of get pop art vibes from it, for some reason, and I feel like the super bright, saturated colours really make it a great nail art for Spring.

Basically, I started this mani by applying a thick coat of my go-to fortifying base coat (Essie Millionails) and letting it dry. Then I painted all my nails pink, except for my middle and ring fingers, that I painted a bright red. Both the nail polishes I used are linked below. Once it dried, I took a simple Q-Tip, coated the end of it by lightly touching the nail polish brush, and stamped it on my nail.

Obviously, I did the opposite colour from the nail (duh) and I also played with positioning, stamping some dots at the base of the nail, and some at the tip of the nail. I didn’t want the effect to be all the same and perfect, I like a little bit of a random factor when I do my nails.

The last step, and possibly the most important, is to apply a good top coat to protect it all, but make sure you REALLY wait ling enough before going in with the top coat, otherwise you’ll smudge the dots and ruin the effect. I always use the same top coat on my nails, no matter what nail polish I actually use, and that’s the Essie Gel Couture top coat (also linked right below). It’s by far my favourite, because I feel like it really makes my nails last longer, and it’s also shiny and dries quickly, too, which is super practical.

That’s it guys! This nail art is really the simplest thing ever, it literally takes 30 seconds to do and I personally think it looks really cool, especially for such little work. But what do YOU guys think? Do you love it, hate it? Please let me know in the comment section below, and if you end up doing this nail art, please tag me @thehungarianbrunette on Instagram, so I can see it and share it on my stories!

Love you guys, have an amazing weekend!

Jenny xx