I feel like everyone, even people who don't follow trends, know one thing about fashion: It always comes back. Fashion is one of those cyclical things, where old ideas get reinvented and brought up again and again and again.

Some find it annoying, but I personally think that's great. If you love a trend and you're sad to see it go, you can rest assured it's coming back at some point. One trend I really wasn't a fan of seeing come back was the 70's style. I mean, sure, I wasn't there the first time it happened, so I never really experienced it first-hand. But to me, there's nothing appealing about rust-coloured bell bottom pants and floral print maxi skirts. That's just really not my style.

But it's been a few years already since the 70's style came back in fashion... So after a while, I kind of had to investigate a little bit. And I'm glad I did, because there's actually a lot more to the 70's than mustard coloured ill-fitting clothes. My favourite thing (ever) to wear is actually a baby of the 70's... You guessed it, it's the crop top! I LOVE a good crop top (shocker, I know!).


When I found this one at Nordstrom, I loved it immediately. I was surprised, because I usually don't like super wide stripes, or really bold colour combos, or high necklines... And that top is all that. But I guess only crazy people don't change their minds. And I'm glad I did, because I love that top! It's such a fun, carefree piece, I feel like no one can look at it and be angry!

It's definitely a bold statement, but that's what I love about it! I paired it with some simple cutoff denim shorts and snake print slides here for a day in Venice. But I feel like it would also look good with a white skirt for a feminine and fun summer look... Or with a pencil skirt for work.

What about you guys? What's your favourite 70's inspired style? Is it crop tops, bell sleeves, thigh-high boots, jumpsuits? You can let me know in the comments below, or hit me up on Instagram!

Hope you guys have an amazing long weekend!

Love, Jenny xx