If you have a busy day-to-day, sitting down to eat can seem like a big ol’ waste of time. While I love taking the time to cook dinner, which I consider prime family time, I usually try to eat breakfast and lunch quickly, especially on week days. I like quick and easy options, that I can eat slowly, while I’m working.

Since I’m a (really, really) slow eater, I won’t gulp an entire meal in 3 minutes. Instead, I’ll eat one bite here and there until I’m done. I also feel my best when I eat small portions. So instead of 3 big meals a day, which tend to make me feel bloated and overstuffed, I’ll still have 3 meals, but small ones. And then I’ll snack twice a day, to keep myself sustained.

While I would NEVER recommend starving yourself to loose weight or maintain a “perfect” body, constantly eating can be a real bitch, because it’s such a slippery slope. How many times did I tell myself I was gonna have a few veggie chips, only to open the pantry and shove down my throat impressive amounts of crackers, cereal, almonds… And the fucking veggie chips too!

When you eat 5 times a day, especially when you work from home, it becomes a little tricky not to fall down the snack rabbit hole.

Which brings me to my all-time favourite snack: Grapefruit.

I literally eat it, drink it, ingest it in any possible way. Grapefruit juice, straight-up grapefruit, grapefruit salad, grapefruit water… You name it, I’ve done it!

Also, when I wake-up in the morning, the idea of food usually repulses me for an hour or two. This is where grapefruit comes in. My typical week-day food intake looks something like this:

  • Lemon water + Coffee (and ASAP. I’m the last person you want to be with if I’m out of coffee)

  • Breakfast - Usually a smoothie bowl.

  • Lunch - Most likely avocado toast, bone broth, salad or leftovers from the night before.

  • Snack 1 - 1 or 2 grapefruits.

  • Snack 2 - Anything, really: A tomato + cheese, Olives + Nuts, Crunchy okra…

  • Afternoon coffee - Helps me stay energized later at night, otherwise I pass out at 9pm!

  • Dinner - Dinner is always different, but I try to always keep it as healthy as possible.

(For those interested, I'm also working on a post that breaks down EVERYTHING I'm eating on a weekly basis, like a food journal... And it's gonna be REAL specific. Stay tuned!)


As you can see, even if this post is titled “grapefruit detox”, I’m really not up for eating nothing but grapefruits and starving myself.

I mean, sure, if I have a shoot scheduled, I might replace breakfast with grapefruit and call it a day. That’s why I call it the THB grapefruit detox, because The Hungarian Brunette is all about doing things the way they work for you. And I truly believe that extreme diets and starvation don’t work… For anyone.

I like to eat, a lot, which means that I don’t like restricting myself too much when it comes to food choices. I also hate giving myself a hard time for eating foods that make me happy (hello, Hungarian doughnuts!) so instead I try to just keep it balanced... That being said, I still try to keep it healthy and be in a mindset where I’m using food for fuel, so it needs to be good for me. Which makes grapefruit the perfect snack because grapefruits are packed with healthy benefits:

  • Full of vitamin C - There’s no surprise here! Vitamin C is well known for helping to prevent cold and flu by boosting your immune system. Also, if you haven’t seen how many beauty products have vitamin C in them, you need to take a minute here and go to Sephora.

  • Only 80 calories per grapefruit (approximately)

  • Packed with antioxidants - Prevents heart diseases, preserves your sight and helps control diabetes.

  • Lowers cholesterol - Lowering chances to have a heart attack or a stroke.

  • High in potassium - Which lowers blood pressure.

  • Contains vitamin A, fiber (yessss!) and calcium.


Frankly, I could keep going for a long time, because grapefruit really is a superfood, but the main reason it feels so “detox” is because there’s something with grapefruit that just makes you not hungry, until your next meal. For me, it has worked better than all those protein bars out there, and at 80 calories per grapefruit, I also feel zero guilt if I eat a few in a day. Also, it just feels so fresh and clean… No wonder a lot of detox teas and beverages actually have grapefruit in it.

So no, this is not about eating 2 grapefruits per day and nothing else, for 3 weeks. It's not a crazy fad diet where you feast on a bit of grapefruit and a lot of sadness. It's just the way I include grapefruit in my diet, for all its benefits. In all honesty, I feel like I'm a lot less sick when I eat grapefruit everyday. Also, since, as I mentioned, it helps me control hunger, I also feel less heavy and bloated when I eat it on the reg. Especially when I combine it with a high protein and fiber diet.

I also happen to LOVE anything sour, so it really is a no brainer for me… I would probably eat grapefruit even if it wasn’t that good for you.

Alright, so that's all on the THB grapefruit detox, guys! Hope you enjoyed this post... And hope you'll enjoy grapefruit, if you decide to give it a go. I swear the benefits really work out for me. Hit me up if you try the "detox" and let me know your favourite ways to eat grapefruit! Per usual, you can leave me a comment below or DM me on Instagram!

Love you guys, Jenny xx

P.S. If you're wondering who took these fabulous grapefruit pictures, it's not me... It's a super talented photographer from B.C. (Canada), Marie-Louise Collins. You might remember her from one of the earliest posts on The Hungarian Brunette blog, on tips & tricks for the best looking flat lays. If you enjoy photography and pretty things, you NEED to check her out, on Instagram, or look at her insanely beautiful wedding pictures, on her website