As a teenager, I used to say shopping was my cardio. It's a miracle that my weight hasn't tripled since online shopping became such a big thing, but maybe that's because my heart rate still goes up a ton when I see shoes I like, in person or on screen - I don't discriminate. Every month, I'll be sharing a few of the things I'm (not so) secretly eyeing in this new series called "MONTHLY WANTS". Everyone feel free to pick any of these and send them to my address, I accept all material donations - HA!

1- Mini-waffle maker: Ok, so this isn't exactly a fashion buy, but I feel like putting a hot pile of freshly made waffles on the table on a Saturday morning would kind of give me a few bonus "Good Girlfriend points". I've actually been begging Sasha for a waffle-maker for the longest time (that and a Nespresso machine, but that's another story) but this one is pink and cute and small... AND it's only $10, so I might just go and get that myself for a fun weekend morning surprise. Pass the syrup!

2- Blanc Noir Jacket: You know that heart-eye emoji? That was my face when I saw this jacket. Adjusting to the LA weather is fun, don't get me wrong, but it makes my jacket situation a bit ridiculous. I only have one black leather jacket and I've worn it so much it's falling apart. I feel like this one would be perfect with everything in my closet and it's such a fun change from basic black. I also LOVE that it's technically activewear, but looks so polished I could wear it with leggings or a dress... SO versatile.

3- Alo Yoga Moto Leggings: When I'm not out on a shoot, I'm mostly at my computer, testing out recipes, or walking the dog. And you know what's great to do all these things? Yoga pants. I've been wanting these for a LONG time, because they're comfy like yoga pants, but they look as good as any leather pant I'd wear out for drinks. You can really dress them up or down, and these days, I'm ALL about VERSATILITY. Like if you can't multi-task, get out of my face... These are basically the pants version of the perfect secretary. Anyone said multi-task?

4- Stella Eau de Parfum: I'm almost out of perfume, and before I start running around smelling like a wild racoon, I feel like I have to get to it. Just to be clear, that wouldn't actually happen because I shower daily, but it IS nice to smell good. I fell in love with this fragrance recently after using a sample, and I decided this would be my next smell. It smells like roses, but not in an overly-feminine way, it's actually kinda musky, which I love.

5- The Perfect Spring Skirt: Every year, when Spring starts feeling real, I get this intense craving for delicate, feminine, frilly clothes. This year, I feel like this skirt is my major want of the season... Isn't it just so gorgeous you want to roll around in some herbs with a couple of wild goats? That's how I feel, but hey, everyone's different! This year, Spring will definitely be here much earlier than what I'm used to (hello, LA weather) and I'm actually thrilled at the idea that I might be wearing this skirt in March.

6- Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer: In terms of skincare and skin hydration, hyaluronic acid is pretty much the Holy Grail. Since I discovered Peter Thomas Roth was Hungarian, I've had this huge biased urge to try every single one of his products. If I base myself on the reviews I heard for this cream, I don't even need to be biased to want to slather it all over my face, and that's great because that's EXACTLY how I feel.

7- The Sleekest Backpack Ever: Funny story: I always refused to carry a backpack around, even when the crazy trend started. When I first got to LA, I quickly realized I wouldn't have a choice, because how else are you gonna carry all the shit you need to go to the beach? So I got this neon kids backpack at Walgreens for $3 and decided to call it a day. While I still use it for camping and beach days, I feel like it might be time to retire my neon orange back-to-school backpack and get something a little more polished for when I'm running errands in the city and don't wanna carry a purse. This one feels so chic and sleek, it's so affordable, AND it's vegan leather. You'll definitely see me around with this one!

8- Statement Earrings: I'm a sucker for Anthropologie's jewelry because they always have gorgeous pieces for less than $50, which for jewelry, is kind of a steal. At that price, I find that the quality of the pieces is also surprisingly good. I've had earring from them for months and they still look as good as new, even though I've worn them a TON. I'm usually into dainty, delicate pieces, but I've been experimenting with ponytails lately... And I feel like a low pony, minimal makeup and a mini dress dress would look hot AF for a date night.

9- Funky Pumps: One of my favourite episodes from Sex & The City is when the girls come to LA and Carrie wears mismatched shoes. When in LA, you do what Carrie Bradshaw does, or at least, I do. I love these Sam Edelman pumps, because they're quirky and festive AF. On a side note, I used to think that heels had to be super expensive to be good (and I still kind of agree with that statement in general), but Sam Edelman honestly has some of the most comfortable heels ever, for a fraction of the usual designer price. Plus, these are on sale! You're welcome.

Alright guys, that's all for today. Hit me up with YOUR wants and pieces you're coveting, I need to know ALL of the good things I could ruin myself for, HA! You can always hit me up here in the comment section, or on Instagram, where I basically live.

Love you guys, Jenny xx