As a teenager, I used to say shopping was my cardio. It’s a miracle that my weight hasn’t tripled since online shopping became such a big thing, but maybe that’s because my heart rate still goes up a ton when I see shoes I like, in person or on screen – I don’t discriminate. Every month, I’ll be sharing a few of the things I’m (not so) secretly eyeing in this new series called “MONTHLY WANTS”. Everyone feel free to pick any of these and send them to my address, I accept all material donations – HA!

1- Glass Charm Set: It's no secret that I'm real crazy about cacti. And wine. And having people over. For situations when you want all 3 to happen at the same time, there's this fucking adorable set of cacti glass charms. It also comes with a bottle stopper, but then again, I'd probably never use it. Because it would mean a bottle was left unfinished... And that just never happens at our house.

2- Outdoor Rug: If you follow my Insta-stories, you're probably aware that I'm very invested in decorating our balcony and making it a cozy, inviting living space. My mother is definitely the woman with the most luscious, dreamy backyard, and one thing that gives it such a homey touch is definitely the cozy rug she has on her patio. Since I got some amazing blue cushions from The Garage Collective, I'm going for a neutral/blue colour palette. This rug would fit amazingly well with our patio furniture and decor. I feel like I need it RIGHT NOW. Also, can we talk about how Target has really stepped up their home decor game lately?

3- Graphic Bodysuit: I've been very into graphic t-shirts with bold, funny statements lately. I feel like tis bodysuit is SO me, even Sasha laughed when he saw it. Graphically, it's nothing groundbreaking, but I feel like sometimes, all you need is a funny caption.

4- Flirty Red Dress: I've been looking for a red dress for so long, I have a hard time believing I haven't found one yet. I love that this one is casual enough to wear to brunch, but you can dress it up for nighttime too. It's available in XXS, which makes me hopeful. Also, the length seems to be perfect for a more flirty look. And I love that it's a summer dress you can actually wear with a bra. It's also surprisingly affordable!

5- Opal + Diamond Lariat: As soon as Spring comes, I'm usually already thinking about summer. What can I say, I'm a beach girl. In the past year, I really started embracing the messy-hair-no-makeup-island-princess vibes... But I still like looking polished and a little put-together. Just to make sure I look more like an island princess than full-on Gollum, you know? Although, this lariat necklace really makes me wanna call it "my precious". Get it? I'd pair it with a bikini, a tan and a drink in a coconut, and I'd be the happiest girl on Earth.

6- Crochet Bikini: If you're asking yourself why there's a bikini in my March wish list, please refer to the first sentence of product #5. I love how chic this bikini looks and how unconventional it is, too. I ordered two similar styles last year before our Mexico vacation and I wore them non-stop. Nothing screams "Island Princess" like a crochet bikini and a solid tan. Ruffles are definitely my jam, and they make that bikini look flirty and cute.

7- Rabbit Rabbit Jacket: No one is a more die-hard Sarah Jessica Parker fan than I am. So when she collabs with Gap Kids to design a collection, I'm really happy that kid's clothes actually fit me, for once. This satin jacket is cute, casual and adorned with animals... I love anything adorned with animals, cacti or fruits. I'm just that basic, I guess.

8- Peel Pads: In my latest obsession with Peter Thomas Roth products, I actually just ordered these from Sephora, and I'm VERY excited. They're supposed to help with acne and make the complexion brighter. While I don't have intense struggles with acne, I do HATE having a stray pimple. So I feel like this would help prevent that. Also, they're so convenient and easy to use, I feel like there's just no excuse not to.

9- Mask Collection: We're definitely going on a little tangent here, but you'll have to forgive me. Face masks have definitely helped my skin a TON, so I became kind of obsessed. After using the Hungarian thermal water mask on the reg, I wanna try more PTR ones. I love that you can try a few with this set, and then either multi-mask or pick the one you like the most. I'm a huge fan of testing out things before fully committing and I feel like this set was crafted with girls like me in mind.

That's all for now, guys! I love sharing my monthly wants & finds with you, and I love seeing yours too! If there's something you're dreaming about now, let me know! You can leave me a comment below, or DM me on Instagram!

Happy Monday!

Love, Jenny xx