The Hungarian Brunette the best caramel coloured shoes and bags for a summer vacation vibe

Every Spring, I feel like I’m reborn again. It was probably more understandable when I lived back in Montreal… Because after a few months of living under a few feet of snow, as soon as the mercury rose above 0, it would be normal for everyone to feel reborn. But now that I’m based in LA, I’m happy to see that I still get the feelings, even though the Winter isn’t as bad. I don’t know, there’s just something about beach weather that makes me happy to my core.

I feel like Summer is also the sexiest season. Maybe because of all the margaritas and the obnoxious amount of pop culture love stories being summer romances. Or maybe because that’s when women wear short skirts and thin straps, and men wear suits without their jackets and roll up their sleeves… But I feel like this is getting oddly specific, ha!

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All that to say, as soon as Spring starts showing its nose, I’m already knee deep into summer outfit planning. I always get super inspired to wear new fabrics, try out new silhouettes, and there’s always a trend or 2 that I told myself weren’t for me that sneak into my plans…

This year, I’m all about the gorgeous toffee brown leather shoes and bags. More specifically, for bags, I love the brown bucket bags with woven or macramé details, because they just remind me so much of a beach day. I know the net grocery bag with some fruit is now one of the biggest Instagram cliché, but there’s a reason for that: It’s one of the images that reminds us all collectively of a beach day… And it’s also a childhood memory that many of us share. I love a good nostalgic vintage moment and my friend Kris does too.

Why am I mentioning my friend Kris? Because I got this gorgeous net bucket back on her online boutique, for the ridiculously low price of… $37!!!

I kept seeing the Staud versions of this bag last year (which all retail for $300+ One of them is linked below) and told myself they weren’t for me… But I always loved them, so this year, when I saw them on my friend’s shop, I told myself it was a great occasion to test-drive the trend without having to splurge on it.


For some reason, this rope bag makes me feel like the feminine, sophisticated heroine of a romantic story from another era… Like I should be ditching my restrictive stockings and gloves for a flowy dress and drive to the beach with my new husband in an old light blue Volkswagen, for an afternoon of waves, sand, and fresh juicy oranges, slightly warmed up by the sun. (And I don’t even like oranges, but in this story, they seem good to me.) Is that a lot for just a bag? Maybe, but I like when clothes and accessories tell a story… I guess in this case it’s a wild success?

But before I get too lost in everything this bag evokes to me, let me just say this: I’m obsessed! I know this will be my main bag of the summer, and even though this one is sold out on my friend’s shop (yay, good news for her!) I still wanted to link a few similar options I found that would recreate the same vibe:

I’m personally obsessed with #3 and #9, and who knows, if I get really into the trend, I might get another one of them… I feel like they would complement my lace and eyelet dresses perfectly. In fact, I feel like they would look amazing with any natural tone, like white, beige, burnt warm shades, olive... And I really love it paired with this mustard yellow top, that I also got from my friend’s shop. Sadly, this top is also sold out, so if you like that super feminine, Parisian-inspired style, stay on the lookout, because my friend always has some new delightful pieces coming in… But they get sold quickly!

Now about the shoes: I usually don’t really care about matching my shoes to my bag, especially not to the tee. Obviously, I like my whole outfit to be cohesive and all the pieces to look good together, but that’s where I stop.

But in this specific case, I kind of felt really good about having shoes the same exact colour as my bag. I just feel like this warm, toasted shade of caramel looks soooo good! I already know I’m gonna be obsessed with it this summer. Obviously, I still love a lighter “nude” that matches my skin-tone, and I feel like it’s the most flattering shoe to wear if you want to make your legs look so much longer. BUT, I also love a shoe that complements an outfit, not only blends in with the leg.

While I’m not opposed to wearing black in the summer, there’s just something so much softer about lighter shades (AND WHITE, so much white!). So I feel like this shade of toffee is to summer what black is to winter: a staple neutral.

I’ve had these Michael Kors sandals for a few years, and I actually wore them so much that the heel tip needs to be changed. But if I were to do it all over again (which I probably will), I would buy a pair with a block heels and a platform, like some of the chunkier ones linked right below:

I feel like although these are clearly inspired from the 70’s, they’re more in style now than the stiletto heel strappy sandal style. I would also wear these with flared jeans and super short skirts, because I love the contrast of a tiny skirt with massive heels. I feel like my favourites are #3, 7 and 9…

Which bags and shoes are YOUR favourite, guys?

And what’s your favourite colour for shoes and bags? Are you an all-black kinda girl? Bright colours? Neons? Prints? Let me know in the comment section below and tag me @thehungarianbrunette if you post your fave shoes or bags on Instagram, so I can repost them in my stories!!

Love you guys,

Jenny xx

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