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I don’t blog about lingerie a lot, the main reason being that I’m not sure if I feel comfortable putting pictures of myself in lingerie on the internet anymore. I’ve done it when I was younger (on my first blog), but that was close to 10 years ago, and well… Things have changed since then. But just because I don’t talk about lingerie a lot doesn’t mean I don’t LOVE it. A few months ago, I brought my friend and lingerie blogger Melissa Cherniss, from The Lace Appeal, on here to talk about all things lingerie and you guys loved it! So I thought I should probably include a liiiittle more lingerie-themed content, because, well… Wearing lingerie is a big part of being a woman.

At home, I have drawers and drawers of the obvious bras and panties, but also bodysuits, corsets, garter belts… and their matching stockings. Now when it comes to hosiery, I love a good stay-up. The only problem is that it’s super hard for me to find pairs that fit me, because me and my legs are super skinny, but tall. For reference, I’m usually between 90-95lbs, and I’m 5.8”. Which means most of the time, I’m not even one of the height/weight combinations included on the back of hosiery packages.

As a result, I’ve worn countless stay-ups that didn’t hold up to their name, and ended up flopping around my ankles in less time than it takes to say “unflattering”. If you’re picturing this in your head right now, I’m sorry. And yes, it’s as unsightly as it sounds.

So over the years, I took it upon myself to find some stay-up hosiery that would actually stay up. I was really surprised the first time I ordered a pair off of Amazon and it actually fit me right. Usually, buying clothes or lingerie on Amazon is kind of a hit or miss, and I’ve definitely returned my load of items that didn’t look or fit as they were supposed to.

But these 3 pairs of stay-up hosiery up there are all pairs that I own, that I ordered from Amazon, and that I live for. I’ve all worn them countless times, either in the bedroom or to music festivals (or both) and they still all look good after many wears and washes. They’re also all under $10, so that’s a really good quality for the price, if you ask me.

So without any more delays, let’s go over all of them quickly:

1- The white, plain, loose fishnet thigh-highs

I got these a while ago, for a Red Riding Hood Halloween costume, and I’ve since then worn them countess times, including at a music festival. I was actually surprised by how well they fit, because the top part is really just a stretchy fabric band. There are no no-slip silicone straps inside, which I usually find incredible annoying and uncomfortable anyways.

I feel like since the band is wide and really, really stretchy, it would be good on any type of leg, but it does look very good on my skinny legs. The fishnet doesn’t stretch as much as on the picture, but it does stretch bigger than a regular fishnet, which I also love.

YOU CAN GET THEM HERE - They’re also available in black, pink, nude and red.

2- The faux-leather wet-look leg wraps

First of all, I have to say, don’t let that picture fool you. In real life, these look extremely sexy, and like wet leather, literally. I feel like the straps are also a tiny bit thicker than what they look like on the picture. I love these because they’re actually 2 parts: The elastic the goes around the thigh, and then the long strap that you wrap around your leg.

I ordered them for a festival, and they’re super versatile. I feel like you could wear them with any outfit that screams badass rocker chick - lol. Also, the elastic that goes around the thighs is small, but has a lot of give, so it won’t end up digging into your thighs in an unflattering way.

YOU CAN GET THEM HERE - They’re also available in gold and silver.

3- The black fishnets with a white lace band

I was super intrigued by these because they’re actually called “industrial fishnets”. I was like, eh?? I got these ones to go with a french maid costume, and although I had to return the actual costume because it was giant for me, I was very happy with these stockings. As for the industrial part, I guess it just means the fishnet is SUPER sturdy. Like, I dare you to rip them, even if you’re doing the most hardcore stuff, ha!

As for how they stay up on the leg, it’s absolutely MAGICAL. Once again, there’s no anti-slip silicone straps inside. It’s just like the elastic is SO sturdy and made so small, that it just wraps around your thighs in a super snug way, but also very comfortable. You just feel like you could do a thousand jumping jacks in these and they wouldn’t slip.


So here are my 3 tested and approved thigh-high stay-ups, that won’t slip down your legs, ladies. You’re welcome, ha!

Do you guys enjoy wearing lingerie? I personally love to, even when it has nothing to do with having sex. I just feel like it’s super empowering and it makes me feel sexy to know that I’m rocking a super hot lace thong under my clothes, even if no one else can see it.

Obviously these stockings are more something that you would wear in the bedroom, but I also really enjoy that. I feel like especially if you’ve been with someone for a long time, lingerie is such a great, fun way to spice things up.

What do you guys think? Did you try any of these 3 options? If you have any different ones to recommend, please leave them in the comment section below!

Love you guys,

Jenny xx