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Hi guys! Welcome to another Beauty Wednesday! This week, I’m reviewing this Too Faced Tickled Peach Mini Palette, that seems to be the “baby” version of their best-selling Sweet Peach palette. I picked it up at Sephora because I wanted a small palette I could travel with easily, but I’ve tried it on twice so far and I feel like it might become an everyday staple - which I’ll get to in about a minute.

But first, I wanna clear something up: I’m usually not a fan of mini versions of anything. I mean, sure, they’re practical to travel with, but they’re so much more expensive per ml or grams than their full-size counterpart. In this case, the price difference between the two palettes isn’t that outrageous, although it is a better value to buy the full palette. Just for the record, the original Sweet Peach Palette is $49 for a total of 15.3g of eyeshadow (so $3.20 per g), and the mini Tickled Peach palette is $26 for a total of 6.7g of eyeshadow (so $3.88 per gram).

Next time I buy a Two Faced palette, I would for sure buy a full size, because for a tiny bit less than twice the price, you get quite more than twice the amount of product. Since I use eyeshadow quite a bit, I know it wouldn’t be a waste. But for someone who doesn’t experiment a lot with makeup, I feel like the mini version I linked below could be super practical, and doesn’t feel like a rip-off either.

Here’s what I though about every aspect of this mini Tickled Peach palette:

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The Packaging

The packaging is the first thing I noticed about this palette (obviously) and I was so pleasantly surprised by the quality. It’s a metal case, which I love compared to anything made out of cardboard (which is probably the worst) or plastic, which can crack during travel. There’s also a mirror that takes the entire lid on the inside, which is kind of useless at home, but can be a real life-saver when traveling.

The Smell

This is usually not something I would talk about when reviewing an eyeshadow palette, unless it really had a weird unpleasant smell, but in this case, I kind of have to. Because it smells like delicious sweet peach. I swear!!! I had heard about the smell before purchasing it, so it wasn’t really a surprise. But I was definitely pleasantly surprised by how good it smelled when I opened the packaging for the first time.

I thought I wouldn’t really like it, because it would smell fake or too overwhelming, but it actually smells pretty good - like candied peach, actually. As for the level of smell, it smells just enough that you can smell it when you apply it on your lids, but not enough that your face smells like peach. It’s the perfect compromise and just that alone makes me want to try their other collections to see what they smell like!

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The Colours & Formula

Even though there are only 8 shades in this mini palette, I LOVE how versatile it is. There are enough dark colours to create a few smokey eye variations, which is what I (almost) always wear, but you can also create a multitude of more natural looks with the 6 lighter shades.

The 2 lighter shades are great for the brow bone and the inner crease, and the lighter brown is a perfect transition shade. The white and the 2 browns are matte shades, and the light pink, peach, raspberry and peachy bronze shade are shimmery, without being too over the top glittery.

So there’s a great variety in this palette, I feel like everything is balanced really well. As I mentioned briefly in my little disclaimer up there, you can find a similar shade to all of these colours in the full-size Sweet Peach palette, although none of them have the same shade names.

To the touch, all shades are incredibly soft and creamy, although they’re powders. They are super pigmented as well, and they blend quite easily on the lid.

As far as fallout, I can’t say there was absolutely zero fallout, but it was very minimal and super easy to blow away with a soft brush. Definitely nothing to complain about here either.

The Longevity

I wore this twice so far, once for a whole day of filming, and once at a music event at a club DTLA, and both times it held up surprisingly well. I mean, filming isn’t exactly physically demanding, but a whole night at a hot, busy club? Let’s just say I usually look quite like a clown on crack at the end of a crazy night of dancing, and this time, my eyeshadow had barely budged. I even pointed it out to Sasha, who agreed that it still looked amazing.

So there you have it guys! As you can see I only have positive things to say about the Too Faced Tickled Peach Palette. I feel like I also need to mention that Too Faced is a cruelty-free beauty company, and although I haven’t entirely made the change yet in my beauty routine, it’s definitely a huge plus!

Now I want to know: Which Too Faced Product would you like me to review next? Aaaand, would you like to see an actual eye look with this palette?

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Love, Jenny xx

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