Wether you're on board with it or not, you can't deny it: Ugly sneakers are everywhere this year! In the beginning, I wasn't really on board with it, but I have to say, they've kind of grown on me. I don't even know why they're called "ugly" anymore, because some of them are jus so damn beautiful. Like, I look at them and I wanna drool - before quickly running to the shoe store.

Just in case you haven't heard of the "ugly sneakers" trend or aren't sure what qualifies exactly, I feel like there are a few characteristics that are sure to make a sneaker an "ugly sneaker" First, they have to be bulky. The kind of sneaker that'll make your foot seem 3 times its actual size, especially if you're doing something that looks like a Slavic squat on Instagram. It's also worth noting that ugly sneakers will make your legs look so much skinnier... Since your feet will look so huge.

Another thing that sets apart the "ugly sneakers" from the rest is the type of sole on the shoe. It's not mandatory, but it's definitely a plus to have a big, chunky, almost platform-like sole on an ugly sneaker.

Finally, there's been ugly sneakers in all sorts of colours and shades - some even all white. But it's safe to assume that if a shoe looks like the designer took a huge hit of acid before designing it, it qualifies as an ugly sneaker.

I've mentioned it many, many times, and I'll say it again: Fashion should be fun! Playful, even. Which makes the ugly sneakers a trend that I love, just because they're so colourful. They're really a happy shoe. Plus, with my knee problems, it feels really great to covet a shoe that's not gonna put me in a wheelchair before 30 because they're 4" heels. (Side note, check out my low-impact workout routine that's easy on the knees.)

So here are my top 10 favourite ugly sneakers at the moment - although they're everything but ugly, if you ask me!

1- THE OG UGLY SNEAKERS: So these are super similar to the ones that started the "ugly sneakers" craze. They're like the ones everyone used to wear in the 90's, except bigger and bulkier. If Fila was planning a big comeback, they definitely succeeded, thanks to the OG ugly sneaker. These ones were designed by Pierre Cardin (for Fila, duh!) and I'm in LOVE.

2- THE TAME NEON ONES: These ones are not the huge, bulky shape "ugly sneakers" typically have. But I still included them in the list, because I love a good neon moment. They're also a good transition piece if you wanna ease in the ugly sneaker movement... Without it being too much of a shock. I also love that they're funky, but you can still actually wear them to workout.

3- THE SPACE-INSPIRED ONES: I LOVE these ones because they are funky and super eccentric, but still stick to a neutral colour palette. Meaning you can wear them with a simple outfit without looking like you're applying to clown college later. The fact that they're silver is also a huge plus in my book. I feel like my dad would be proud of those - he has a thing for Barbarella. But don't tell him I told you.

4- THE SLEEK SPORTY ONES: Leave it to Nike to make an ugly sneaker you'd actually wanna workout in, right? I honestly really love these ones, even though I never wear sneakers to workout. I would totally wear them with a sleek all-black outfit, as a subtle pop of colour.

5- THE HOLOGRAPHIC RAVER-GIRL ONES: These ones have actually been in my cart for a few days... Admittedly because I would totally wear them to a music event this Friday. With a club dress. Yep, you've read that right. For some reason, I'm obsessed with anything holographic, and I'm just really feeling these sneakers.

6- THE ULTIMATE MILLENNIAL ONES: Ugly sneakers in millennial pink have to be the most 2018 shoes ever, right? Oh, and they're also by Nike, just in case you had a doubt. I feel like for some reason, performance sports brands are really having a moment lately, and as fully fledged fashion statements. I blame Kanye for that.

7- THE REAL DAD SNEAKERS: I've heard some people referring to the ugly sneakers trend as the "dad sneakers". Let's just say when you look at these ones, it's not too hard to understand why, ha! Get a pair for your dad, uncle, hell, even grandpa! My grand-father would never in a million years wear anything with yellow on it, so I'll have to live vicariously through you on that one.

8- THE 80'S ARE BACK SNEAKERS: Ok, so these ones are actually the same sneakers as #3, just in a different colour variation. What can I say, they're really so fucking fabulous and the poster-shoes for the ugly sneaker trend. They also come in 3 other colour combinations, and I had a hard time not putting the 5 of them on this list.

9- THE ARTSY ONES: These sneakers are part of a collaboration Aldo is doing with many artists. I find the concept to be totally cool, but also really love these sneakers. They're my personal favourites from the collection. I feel like they really capture the Buff Monster's vibe (the artist who created them).

10- THE ANIMAL PRINT LOVER ONES: Last but not least, these ones have to be my favourite from this list. I just fell in ove with the mixed animal print, red accent and overall classy (yet trashy?) vibe of these. SIGN ME UP. I'm seriously thinking I'm gonna pull the trigger and get them. Oh, and also? They're on massive sale. You're welcome!

So what do you guys think about the ugly sneakers trend? Are you as on board as I am? Which ones are your faves?

Love, Jenny xx