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A few weeks ago, I had Youtube playing in the background while I was doing dishes, when a video about these new oils from Sol Body popped up. I swear, I almost broke the mug I was washing when I dropped it out of shock. In a second, I headed over to Colourpop’s website and purchased mine right away. And guys, I almost never buy things on an impulse like that. Usually, I’ll see something I love, put it in my cart, think about it for a bit, maybe shop around a little more, and then buy. But this was different.

In case you haven’t heard about this product yet, Sol Body is Colourpop’s new sister brand, and all they have at the moment on their website is 4 shades of this shimmering dry oil and a kabuki brush to apply them.

The oils retail for $15 each, or you can get them in a set for $58, and the kabuki brush is $12. I personally went for the shade called “warm gold” because I felt like it would be the most complimentary to my summer skin-tone and I didn’t order the brush (which is gorgeous, btw) because I felt like I would want to apply it with my hands.

In hindsight, I might end up purchasing the brush, because when I apply it with my hands, I find that A LOT of glitters sticks to my hand as opposed to my body, and I’m thinking that maybe the brush would make a difference.

I bought this before leaving for Montreal in early August, and I’ve used it a ton since then, so I thought I would give you guys the full deets and my observations on the product:

First, I have to say it looks amazing. I wore it for the first time on my arms, shoulders and legs to a daytime music event, and I was glowing and glistening in the sunlight. I think this would look insanely gorgeous at the pool or the beach, for a festival or a photoshoot… But I don’t know if I would wear it for anything that requires me to be more “formal”, because here’s the thing: It transfers like crazy. I sat in the car maybe 15-20 minutes after applying it (so it was completely dry) and the car seat was FULL of glitter. Same goes for Sasha’s face, arms and clothes (lol) and basically everything I touched for an extended period of time. So if you’re going to a restaurant or an event where you’re gonna be hugging people and shaking hands a lot (like a wedding, for example) I would advise against wearing this because you’re going to put glitter on everyone.

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The Hungarian Brunette Sol Shimmering Dry Body Oil Review (Warm Gold Swatch) (3 of 3).jpg

Another thing I noticed was that the part of my hair that was in contact with my shoulders and arms (where I applied the product) started looking kind of greasy where it touched the oil. I didn’t really care, on again because it was just the tip of my hair and because everyone looks a little sweaty at an event on a super hot day, but in other situations, that could have been really annoying.

Other than that though, I have to say this product is a DREAM. There’s just a right time and place to use it, just like everything in life. Except for champagne. Champagne is good at any time and place, lol.

This is a dry oil, so it doesn’t stay sticky or oily on the skin, which I love. I heard that some other body glow products (like the Fenty Beauty one) stay really sticky, which I feel would really bother me. This one, aside for the transferability of the glitter, is a “set it and leave it” type of thing. Once it dries, you forget it’s there, so it’s really comfortable to wear.

But that doesn’t mean that the glow disappears, though. Even long after it dries, your skin will still look super glowy (but not oily) with a beautiful, glittery sheen. It’s really a stunning effect if you’re going to a pool party, just keep in mind that it will wash off if you dip in the pool. You could also wear it on any Summer day (or if you live in a warm place like I do, you can wear it year-round, which I will probably do) if you apply it moderately to your chest and shoulders instead of highlighter.

Altogether, this is a beautiful product, and I highly recommend it. I’ll most definitely repurchase it once I finish mine and at $15, I find it to be really affordable, especially compared to what is available on the market. But leave it to Colourpop to come up with amazing products at a super affordable price!

Did you guys try this? Are you going to? Let me know what you think about body glow products in the comment section below, and if you do post a picture of you wearing this oil on Instagram, don’t forget to tag me @thehungarianbrunette so I can check it out and repost it on my stories!

Love you guys,

Jenny xx