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Guys, this is SO exciting!!! If you read the title of this post and saw the picture above (which, duh, you did!) then you already know what this is all about! BUT, I’ll say it anyway: I’m hosting my first-ever giveaway! Wouhou! I’m so excited, because I’ve been wanting to do this for such a long time. Actually, I’ve been wanting to do this since before I even launched the blog.

You see, I used to see all these bloggers giveaways when I had my first blog (almost 8 years ago!!) and wished I could do them too. But then I stopped blogging and never had the chance. So when I started thinking seriously about launching The Hungarian Brunette almost a year ago, I knew I wanted to give back to my readers and followers. That was always super important to me.

So here we are, almost a year later, and I’m finally doing it. I’m giving away this Sunday Riley Space Race kit, including the U.F.O. face oil, the Saturn face mask and the Martian toner. I did a full review of this set a while back - which you should totally read if you don’t know what these products do. The set is valued at $85, and it’s one of the best thing I’ve ever tried for acne-prone skin. It legit totally changed my skin and gave me back so much of my self-confidence.

Which is also one of the reasons why I chose this as my first giveaway. If you’re a regular THB reader, then you know I talk a lot about self-love and body-positivity. And I know for experiencing it first-hand how acne can make it so much harder to love yourself. So that’s my way to help one lucky girl (or guy, you never know!) try out this set, because let’s be real, it’s kind of on the expensive side and not everyone can spend that much on skincare.

And I also feel like I need to say one last thing before I tell you guys how to enter: I know this giveaway is relatively small when you consider that some bloggers are giving away Gucci bags and gift cards worth hundred of dollars. But this giveaway is not a loop giveaway, it’s not something that was given to me by the brand… To put it bluntly, this giveaway is sponsored by no one but yours truly, and my hard-earned dollars. I bought this set myself, and will cover the cost of shipping myself, to whoever wins this baby.

I wanted to do it this way, because I really love the relationships blogging has allowed me to develop with some of you guys. So this is a small token of appreciation from me to you, right before the Holidays, to hopefully brighten your life (and your skin) a little! See what I did there? Pretty clever, right? Ha! You didn’t think I was gonna let you enter a giveaway without making you go through at least one bad joke, did you?

OK, so here are the deets: HOW TO ENTER!! Go to my Instagram profile, (you can click this link RIGHT HERE), find the picture of the Space race kit (the same one featured here) and follow the REALLY simple instructions under the picture. As I said, this isn’t a loop giveaway, so you don’t have to follow a bunch of people. Just me (if you don’t already) and then you just have to tag 2 friends - but you can tag as many as you want for as many entries as you want. That’s it. This giveaway is open to US residents only, just so I can test the waters. But I’m looking into having future giveaways open to Canadian residents as well, and maybe even internationally, eventually. As I mentioned, this giveaway is entirely sponsored by me, so the bigger I grow, the bigger (and wider) giveaways I’ll be able to do!

I wish all of you guys the best of luck, and a Happy Thanksgiving in advance!!

Love, Jenny xx